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When will a touch screen come for Macbook Air?
I like my keyboard and screen for ergonomic comfort but I like the touch concept.

Make a Macbook Air with a display that can be flipped around and then used as a notepad.
Then flip it back and use as a conventional laptop and maintain touch capability.
I can type, then move a graphic with my finger into place next to the text, then flip it around and use my finger or stylus to paint, and then flip it back over and type an essay on the keyboard all while maintaining ergonomic comfort of eye-keyboard-hand-neck comfort.
A simple design philosophy - why hasn't Apple done this yet?

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    No one here knows anything about Apple's product decisions. We can only guess, and these forums are for technical support on existing products, not speculation about things that don't exist. You can indicate your interest in such a design to Apple via their Feedback pages:


    but whether they will ever come out with such a design, none of us here can say.

    I might mention, though, that those Windows laptops with a similar design have tended to have significant reliability problems with the hinge mechanism and screen connection. And all were much thicker and heavier than a MacBook Air. Apple would have to come up with a very clever design to be rugged and reliabile while keeping the Air size and weight.

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    See why in this Apple video:

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    Not gonna happen. Apple's testing shows that not ergonomic to use vertical touchpad - your arm feels like its going to fall off after a while!!
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    1. Get an iPad
    2. Get Air Display (*) app & download the required Pref Pane from the developer
    3. Either be on the same WiFi or create an AdHoc connection
    4. Follow the directions to connect
    5. Set Display Pref to "Mirror"
    6. Now use your MBA in touch screen mode on the iPad!

    The app is a bit buggy, and portrait mode does not seem to work well. But it does work, although it does not allow the lid to be closed on the MBA.

    * I'm sure their are other apps that do the same thing & may be better. I have no connection to the developer & am not recommending this app over others.