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I've had my iPad for a couple months now, and all of a sudden my good pair of headphones won't play through it.

When I plug them in and start any audio it plays through the built in speakers, but when I pull them out while it's playing an ipod song it'll stop, so it is recognizing it.
The speakers aren't broken because they will work with both my iPhone and iMac still.

Also, other poor quality headphones will work in the audio jack, just not these ones, even though they have always worked before.

Hope someone has a solution to my problem.

iPad 32gb wifi
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    I had a similar problem with an earlier iPhone. This sounds like a problem with one of the switches that changes state when you plug into the headphone socket. I had to take the iPhone in for a replacement and since you sound like you're still in the 90 day warranty I would do that right away.

    You might also try another device with a mini plug (another pair of headphones, speakers) to see if it is just the plug on that particular headphone set, but it does sound like hardware issue with the iPad audio plug.