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Just had to get rid of my airport base station (I still had the one that looked like a UFO, it finally gave up on me). Now I have the Express and I want to use it as my router. So here's my setup:

I have a PC desktop running Windows 7 a MacBook and a Dell PC running XP. I have the Express and a basic modem. I'm confused on where the wires should go in order to let all the computers have internet. I currently have an ethernet cable going from the Express to the modem, but nothing attached to the Desktop (which I don't think has a wireless card). I'm confused because the modem and express only have enough ports to run the ethernet between two things, is there a way I can hook up the modem, Express, AND Desktop??

I'm about to make a genius bar appointment, I need internet asap.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Welcome to the discussions!

    With an AirPort Express, you will need to use the one ethernet port on the device to connect to the modem for the internet connection. All computers and other devices must then connect to the AirPort Express using wireless only.

    So, you may need to get a wireless card or a USB wireless adapter for the desktop if it does not have wireless capability.