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When I try to use learn remote. It stops on the second button and says "button already learned". Can I use my direct tv remote to control my atv2? Is there an app on the iPad that can control atv and my tv etc... This multiple remote thing is not working for me.

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    No. The apple tv cannot be controlled by a universal remote. You can however, use the remote app from apple on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to control it...
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    Logitech Harmony remotes are a wonderful thing!
  • celliott147 Level 4 Level 4 (1,135 points)
    The logitech harmony cannot control the apple tv...
  • asrai Level 1 Level 1 (120 points)
    With all respect, you are wrong. Set it up the other night and it works flawlessly.

    FYI: all you need to do is:

    1. Add a new device, "Media Center PC"
    2. Choose "Apple" as the mfg
    3. Type in Apple TV (comes up as default)
    4. Unpair existing Apple Remote
    5. Pair Harmony Remote (by pressing Play I think)
    6. Enjoy one less remote

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    I use my TV remote to control the AppleTV (1st Gen) and it works fine.

    I would assume that the new ATv would also work.
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    celliott147 wrote:
    The logitech harmony cannot control the apple tv...

    you are 100% wrong
    yes it can. i use a harmony one to control my appletv ( i know of other that do it also)
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    celliott147 wrote:
    No. The apple tv cannot be controlled by a universal remote.

    Yes it can. I programmed my Dish Network remote to use the AUX setting, and had my apple tv "learn" the signals.

    Now I don't have to grab for a second remote to change the volume. One remote to rule them all!
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    Can you tell me if rapid scrolling works using the Logitech Harmony? I have the Logitech remote and frankly think it's the best remote on the market, but I have been plagued with problems with my 2nd generation Apple TV - I returned the first unit and the second one exhibits the same problem.

    Problem: rapid scrolling does not work. By rapid scrolling I mean pressing and holding any of the navigation buttons should enable quickly moving through lists. Instead, my Apple TV/remotes only allow moving one cursor position per button click - it's maddening.

    If my original set up didn't momentarily show me how rapid scrolling is supposed to work, I might not even have realized what I was missing.

    So I'd really appreciate knowing if you've been able to get rapid scrolling to work, and to continue working, with either your Apple TV remote or the Logitech Harmony.

    Success eludes me...
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    What delays are you using? I am having trouble getting the up arrow to work on my harmony 880. everything else works fine. Can you confirm that it is play you press to pair the harmony remote?
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    I've been trying to get my DISH remote programmed with no luck this morning. What steps allowed you to do it? thanks
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    For the DirecTv remote, the problem you see has to do with "AV1," "AV2," or possibly "TV" mode not being programmed on the remote...Conceptually this problem might also apply to a DISH remote, but I'm not sure about that.

    Whichever mode you are trying to use for your Apple TV (AV1, AV2, or TV), that mode hasn't been fully programmed yet....If you were using a mode that hasn't been setup yet (either AV1, AV2, or TV), the remote by default is setup to send the same command to your DirectTV box...the idea being that your Direct TV will inform you that your remote is in a incorrect mode (hopefully to avoid customer frustrations)...Thus you would run into the problem with setting up the Apple TV...because having the Apple TV learn the up arrow will send command "XXXX"....and the down arrow will also send command "XXXX" to your apple tv

    So how can you tell if the mode(AV1,AV2, or TV) isn't programmed yet? Follow these steps

    1. Pick up the remote
    2. Select the mode you were trying to program your apple tv to (AV1, AV2, or TV)
    2. Press and hold the UP arrow
    3. Observe the green light being shown on the remote.

    If the green light is on the DirecTv symbol, then the mode isn't setup. What you should be seeing is a green light on the "AV1," "AV2," or "TV" label.

    1. So to setup your remote, pick a 5 digit remote code from the website below

    Apple TV will learn whatever manufacturer's code is being sent to your job is to find a manufacturer's code that has all the keys programmed that you want on your DirecTV remote. For me, I used, Disney DVD remote code (20675). There might be a better code out there I'm not sure. The disney code at least utilized most of DirecTv's remote buttons.

    2. Program your mode (AV1, AV2, or TV) on your DirecTv remote by following the instructions from the link above (steps 1-5 on the "Program DVD, VCR, Stereo Receiver, and Stereo Amplifier Code" section).

    3. Once your mode has been programmed, now have apple tv learn your remote

    Two things two remember about programming your remote...don't pick a manufacturer that you already don't want to control your apple tv at the same time as your other device(s). Also, when you pick a manufacturer's code, you can see which remote buttons are programmed by pressing the button and observing the green light on the mode you've just programmed (AV1,AV2, or TV). If the green light doesn't turn on...then that button isn't programmed. If a different green light turns on (e.g., green light on DirecTv symbol with volume buttons), then the command is being sent to those devices.

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    Not true. You CAN use the DirecTV remote for Apple TV. I have been using it for over a year now under the AV1 switch. I set it up just like any other device, I just can't remember the number I used. In fact that's how I found this forum, I'm trying to get that code because I'm using another remote now and trying to set it up just like my older one. But you CAN use Apple TV with other remotes. Now of course, the only buttons that work on it are the only ones that the Apple remote has: Up, Down, Left, Right, Play/Pause, and Menu. But it does work just like that one does nevertheless. Rapid scrolling, fast forwarding, rewinding, all works the same.
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    Okay, I remember now. AppleTV has it's own remotes setting. In "Settings" click "General" then "Remotes" then "Learn Remote". That will start the navigation through setting up any remote you may have. It tells you to decide the Left, Right, Up, Down, Play/Pause/Select, and Menu buttons of the remote you will be using. I am now using my DirecTV remote for the living room, and I have my Bose remote in my adjacent office all controlling my Receiver, Audio system, and AppleTV.
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    Thanks Sean. _*My DirecTV remote WORKS!*_ I have a DirecTV remote control (model RC65RX) and got an AppleTV (the new 'hockey-puck' generation) and did the Learn Remote thing. I selected AV1, and tried the Learn Remote, and failed (on the second button: "This button has already been learned"). Then, I tried your solution and IT WORKED! Thank you!

    If you have a DirecTV remote, note that when you select AV1 (or AV2), +but you haven't programmed your DirecTV remote to use a different remote code for AV1 or AV2+, it will just blink under the DirecTV symbol on the remote. That's how you know it's not programmed yet, and that AppleTV won't be able to learn the remote.

    To fix: I set the switch at the top of the DirecTV remote to 'AV1', programmed the DirecTV remote to use the Disney DVD code (20675), then did Learn Remote on the AppleTV, and the DirecTV remote works with AppleTV flawlessly now.

    THANK YOU Sean280X for giving us a solution!! You rock!
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