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Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a solution. I sent this concern to Apple a couple weeks ago, but I received no response.

I was all set to buy the new nano. However when I exercise, I frequently want to skip to the next track and/or want to rewind the one I just listened to. With 5G, it is easy, I can feel in my pocket for the click wheel and go forward or back as I wish -- however with 6G this doesn't seem possible ... it appears you have to remove the ipod each time, look at the screen and then proceed.

Can someone with a 6G please address this and let me know if there is an easy way to forward or rewind without removing the ipod from your pocket (or armband)?


* edit * just to add, so people understand my concern ... if i have to actually take it out of my pocket to view & use the touch on the screen, this causes a significant slowdown in my jogging stride and also significantly breaks concentration. The reason I always love the nano is because of it's small size and ease of the click-wheel buttons for control (it also made it easy to adjust volume if a track was too loud).

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    I think there is no other way.

    Perhaps an "Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic" could help.
    But I don't know if it uses the interface-port of your nano. If so you cannot use the Nike-dongle.
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    Walle thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it. Actually I don't have a 6G ... I was all set to buy the new smaller 6G, but online I don't see any physical buttons for meeting my concern. I am sticking w/ the 5G for now and was hoping someone w/ a 6G could tell me if there is a way around this.

    I guess I am slightly annoyed that Apple proceeded w/ the new 'touch' technology without considering this. Sure the 'touch' feature is great (I also have an iPod Touch but i always use the nano for exercising) - but for the smaller nano there is also the big advantage to not having to look at the screen for touch features ... and to be able to 'feel' for them for ease of use. It appears this will be gone forever! Hopefully my 5G version never dies!!

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    Maybe if you get really good at voice over, but it doesn't seem very practical to use.

    Anyway, this is why I also bought a new shuffle.
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    I have the new 6g nano. I don't currently run with it but biked today with it. I had it clipped to the left shoulder of my shirt. You have to hit the on/sleep button before the touch screen comes on so you can hit the forward or back button. A slight annoyance. I would like to have an option to keep the screen on but then that would burn through battery life pretty fast. You can flip the screen to any orientation you want which I really like. I guess it just takes some practice to use while exercising....to get it to be second nature.

    If you are looking for a light weight device primarily for running the shuffle might be a better choice.

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    Hi, I just wanted to add that using Apple's iPhone earbuds work for this. I have verified that this works on my new nano. One click/squeeze on the mic "button" pauses, two clicks goes to next track, three click to previous. No volume controls, but there are hardware buttons for that, at least.
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    thanks guys, good suggestions, but for now I will stick w/ my 5G version - it's perfect for what I need. I don't like to think to much or view the screen ... I simply like to reach into my pocket and advance a track if I don't feel like hearing the current song.

    I just thought it would be better to have a smaller 6G version (can't go w/ shuffle 'cause it doesn't hold nearly enough songs). Like I said, the 'touch' feature is very cool, but I think they missed the boat by not adding control buttons on the side as well (which a 'hold' option for those that don't want it). I think the iPod touch should have buttons like this too -- I use that in the car and that can also be annoying when wanting to advance/rewind a track.

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    I also have the same problem. Could it be that there is no good solution for this ? I can't use Apple's earphones - they fall off my ears while I'm running...
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    The Apple earphones with inline controls work fine with the new Nano - Volume up or down, Pause, Next & Previous.

    Surely a quick double click of the inline control is a lot more convenient than rummaging around in a pocket to click a click wheel on a 5G Nano?....

    There are other in-ear headphones that come with inline controls that support iPods, such as some Sennheiser models.
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    Ugh, I bought the 6th gen nano for the size and neato factor and realized that skipping tracks while running you just can't by feel anymore now it's a 2 step process, press the sleep/wake button then left forward or right rewind. I just leave it alone and manage my playlists for running better. Here's another thing which I accidently posted in the 1st gen discusson, when connected to nike + sensor and your logging a run playlists don't shuffle! It's frustrating hearing the same songs in order after 4 runs this week I have a call in tech support right now hopefully they get back to me about this.
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    I have the same issue/concern with the Nano 6G for both running and listening to audiobooks. Had to replace my 5G and although 6G has cool features, my primary use of ipod is for running. So, now with 6G I end up listening to whatever songs come along - too much work and too distracting trying to fumble with it while trying to keep a strong pace. (even harder with "moist" fingers trying to land precisely on the right spot on the screen). I, too, am surprised that runners weren't a more important demographic - would have thought the functionality would have been explored for this market segment. My 5G was perfect for skipping forward and back without glancing. I also used my 5G for listening to audiobooks and I loved the trackwheel for advancing only slightly or rewinding just a touch. Maybe there's a way to do this with 6G but I can't find it. The only option seems to be to jump forward or back an entire chapter. If my daughter can find her 5G I'm trading! I also have an Otterbox waterpoof case for 5G for swimming laps -- so far I don't see any waterproof cases for the new Nano and can't imagine how that would work without trackwheel. Any tips from runners or audiobook listeners who are happy with the Nano 6G?
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    Buckethead82 : "The Apple earphones with inline controls work fine with the new Nano - Volume up or down, Pause, Next & Previous."
    Buckethead, you're probably right, I should look into this. Problems are that I have a great headphone that fits and sounds exactly how i like it ... and I am guessing, since Apple typically overcharges for accessories, that this is at a price I wouldn't consider for headphones.

    But actually my main point is that I shouldn't really have to find special headphones for what I consider to be a flaw in their design. I'm glad others posted the same concern because I think Apple didn't consider the ease of track/volume control when coming up w/ the new design ... I am hoping they consider this when they come out w/ a 7G because I really do like the new smaller size -- again, it shouldn't be difficult to add some buttons on the side of the device with a hold feature for those that want the 'touch'. This way I could 'touch' most times, and then use controls when running or driving.

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    I want to be able to pause during a run. This 6G replaced a 1st gen that was so much easier to feel for the wheel and pause. I have to use this feature with the Nike+ and now find it very hard and cumbersome with the 6G. Any other suggestions besides a new headset?
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    Jogging shouldn't be that bad, I do a certain sport where it can get really rough. On the touchscreen nano the hold button is key, rewind would be kind of a bit tough one. Forward is the button I use the most. To lock the older 5g nano the hold switch was more annoying. The new 6g only responds to your touch so you don't have to lock it after you press forward or play, besides it locks itself in a few seconds(sleep mode?). So far nothing else has accidentally switched my play mode. To forward you just feel for that hold button (lol), take a quick glance and press forward. As for the ipod being in tough situations and close to your fingers. Though my trial and error process I cracked 2 nano6 screens.I kinda had a solution for this but the apple store man told me to check with apple's pr or something like that and to also check with the main ipod acessories company.