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Headline says it all. I thought I was syncing my contacts FROM my iPhone TO my iTunes. Nope! Now all my contacts are lost (sadface). Is recovery possible? Please help!!!

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    If you have not synced since the sync that deleted your contacts, yes. If you have synced since that sync no. So, have you synced since the sync that deleted your contacts?
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    iTunes does not store contacts so there is nothing from or to iTunes. iTunes serves as the sync conduit for syncing contacts with a supported address book application on your computer, which is selected under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes.

    Are you using the supported address book application on your computer that you selected under the Info tab - does the supported address book application on your computer include any contacts? If so, you should have been provided a merge prompt with the first sync for this data, which you want to select.

    Contacts are included with your iPhone's backup. Restore your iPhone with iTunes from your iPhone's bsckup. Do not sync your iPhone with iTunes again before doing so and when prompted to update your iPhone's backup after selecting restore, decline this prompt.
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    I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to navigating iTunes, etc. I'm not exactly sure how to answer your questions. I just purchased a new MacBook (coming from a Dell), so my address book application should be supported and no, there aren't any contacts included in the calendar when I open the app. If I were prompted to merge contacts upon first boot, I declined to avoid the hassle at the time. I wanted to merge today so that when I sent an email it would auto-fill the address as I began to type. I thought I was choosing the correct option when I clicked 'Sync Contacts', 'All Contacts', 'Replace', but obviously not.

    I was instructed by a friend to restore to last backup and to decline updates, so I reconnected and am afraid I may have re-synced (I tried to cancel it but couldn't before it finished). Am I just SOL, as they say?

    This is additionally unfortunate as I also have MobileMe but have neglected to do all the proper setup steps (same story with Time Machine).

    Thanks for your advisory!
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    I have a problem like this.
    After Syncing iPhone with iTunes,
    I still have all the names and emailes adresses of my contacts, but all the phone numbers etc. were lost!

    Is there a way to recover all the contacts' information who was on the iPhone before the Sync. action?
    I haven't done any other Sync. since that one.

    Also, that was the first time i have Sync. the iPhone to iTunes.
    In the backup list, there is a one from the last operation. Is it possible that the contacts' information was stored in the backup? Can it be the the backup was done before the Sync. process at the same operation?

    Thanks a lot, I need to restore it!