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About a week ago my iPod (3rd Gen) stopped playing sounds from the internal speakers. The only sound it plays are via headphones, and then only after I go through a process of unplugging the headphone jack and it back into the device.

Let me make that a bit clearer. I mostly listen to my iPod through headphones. When I want to start listening to music - usually on the bus into work - I have to go through this process:

1)Start the music player;
2)Unplug the headphone jack;
3)Reinsert it;
4)Listen to music (or any other sound)

If I attempt to play music without headphones I have noticed that the volume bar on the music interface is missing. In other words, what I see at the bottom of the screen are the |<< > >>| (RW, Play and FF) buttons and NO volume bar. If the volume bar is there after going through steps 1-3 unplug the headphones will cause it to vanish.

I believe that the sound problem arises when the iPod has gone into hibernation for a while (say overnight or possibly a shorter period).

I've reset the iPod several times and even done a full restore with the latest OS, meaning the problem can't be due to some setting. But all to no avail. Interestingly, after I have reset the iPod and open it for the first time after the rest I get sound from the internal speaker - a click when a message pops up abut editing the screen. Unfortunately I don't hear a peep after I dismiss the message

Please help. This is a really irritating problem.

A1318, Windows XP