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Just got my Apple TV 2 and connected it to my BT Home Hub. After playing a couple of songs from my iTunes Collection on my Mac, the home hub's Wi-Fi connection goes down and I have to power cycle the home hub to get it back.

Black BT Home Hub 2.

iMac 2.8GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • billtils Level 1 Level 1
    Dump the BT stuff. I live not too far from you and the BT rig is a piece of p**s. Apart from generally poor quality hardware, it is set up to selectively favour what BT wants to push on you (e.g. it blocks the default port for iChat). I changed ISP recently and now have a much better phone and Internet service and bills that are 60% of what they were.

    I have the TV-1 and loved it from the outset but have to say its already acceptable performance looks to be better now - faster downloads. And yes, I do realise that the phone line is BT equipment and so the speed should be the same but it is not. I also have a Slingbox connection to my son's set up in the US and it to is much improved since moving from BT.
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    I've just got a home hub 2 (home hub 1 was working ok ish) and signed up with BT for another year.....

    Apple TV won't connect to the internet and keeps dropping the internet connection - I'm happy to buy an Airport Extreme if this will help but will I need a basic ADSL2 modem as well or can I plug it in the homehub via ethernet and go??

    Many thanks
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    Ian, I don't know about the HH-2, but the dropping wi-fi sounds sadly like what I had with the HH-1. Like I said, the BT HH is not up to much ...

    You have several options, even if you want to stay with BT. First thing to resolve is do you actually want the HH, for example, to access one of BT's add ons like Sky Sports? If you do, you can go into the HH, disable the wireless, and connect some other access device to the HH Ethernet port. If you want to stay Apple, the choices are an Airport Extreme or an Airport Express. The former gives you a USB port as well as Ethernet ones and many people use it to hook up a printer so that you can print wirelessly. But it is a lot more expensive than the Express ... In either case connecting is easy - plug it into one of the Ethernet ports in the HH and follow the instructions.

    If you don't want the BT extras, and would prefer to have something a little less costly than the Airport Extreme, you can get a nice Netgear combo modem/router/wireless unit from someplace like Currys or Comet.

    A couple of closing points: I may be being hard on the HH and the wireless problem may be interference from other devices - try going into the hub and changing the wireless channel. Or it may be something completely different - can you run an Ethernet cable from the HH to the TV and try the direct connection?

    Good luck!
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    Really weird, I've disabled Airport on the imac and everything seems to work (at the moment) - it seems to be syncing.................
    My Airport Express (used as airtunes for a B&W Zepplin) is working and all OK. FIngers crossed!

    I do want to dump the HH though - I'd like an Airport Extreme and a basic modem - will this work with my BT account (I only use phone and broadband) - any suggestions on a basic modem?

    I understand if I use the extreme plugged into the hh then I have to use it in bridge mode and lose the guest network
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    Ian - see my previous response, but in brief, the answer is "Yes".

    You can buy an Airport Extreme and do what you say with it. Disable the wireless in the HH, plug in the AEBS, and follow the set up instructions (which cover using bridge mode).

    If you want to chuck the HH altogether and replace the modem, go talk to your nearest electronics store, there are several options.
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    Hi folks,
    I just wanted to second some of the opinions expressed here. BT Home Hub 2.0 is awful... and a seperate wireless router turned out to be my best solution. Apple TV2 would cut out after a few streamed songs or about 15 mins of streamed video. Not only that but my MacBook and iPhone would lose their wi-fi connections and the only way to regain connectivity was to power cycle the Hub.

    After logging into the Home Hub and setting the wi-fi channel, amending the security to a WPA2 password as per advice on this forum, I decided to dig out a Belkin G Wireless router that I bought earlier in the year for my old place but put away after I had to take on BT and their Home Hub.

    Once I'd remembered the password for the Belkin's network and hooked up my devices, everything has since been working perfectly... several hours of playback without a hitch. Fingers crossed it lasts, but I think that's problem solved!

    Thanks for the decent advice people. Investing a smallish amount (I think my router was about £20 but more than worth it to get ATV functioning properly) in more robust equipment is the way forward.

  • IanDB Level 1 Level 1
    Well the HB2 stopped working again after 20 minutes so I decided to dump the BTHH2 and buy an airport extreme and a netgear Adsl modem.

    Why didn't I do this before?! It works and synced my apple tv faster than ever before without dropping wifi connection (approx 110gigs of data)
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    I also have this problem and have now relegated the apple tv to non-use status in my system. i stream music to my denon receiver via dlna and to my sony bluray player via dlna with no problems.
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    Did the original topic starter find an answer to your bt home hub 2 problem. I've got identical problem.
  • billtils Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, see his last post and my first one
  • billtils Level 1 Level 1
    Ian, glad things are working well now - I did tell you
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    I've just went for a wired connection for the molment, when the BT HH drops the WIFI it also loses the internet connection. It was a case of powering it down and up again !

    I suspect a HH firmware update is needed, but since these happen silently overnight I will need to keep trying it, probably after the next ATV 2 update.

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    I have also got this same problem. Besides from buying a new router, I am sure that there must be another option to fix this? Does anybody else have any other thoughts?
  • jimflint80 Level 1 Level 1
    I've also had this problem first on my girlfriend's, and then my BT Homehub 2.
    My Macbook Pro will connect, then after a minute or so, just drop the connection. Restarting the Homehub was the only thing that fixed it.

    Tonight I've gone back to basics, and cleared all Wifi settings on the Macbook, and restarted the Homehub, disconnecting everything ... and still no joy.

    But, after getting a couple of phone calls when I didn't need them I switched off my iPhone - lo and behold, the Macbook reconnected!
    After a load more testing, I've found the following to work and the wireless connection to remain solid:

    Turn the iPhone to airplane mode
    Connect the Macbook to the Homehub (wirelessly)
    Once the computer is connected, switch the iPhone back off airplane mode

    It appeared that the BTHomeHub was trying to give both the Macbook and the iPhone the same IP address when the phone was already connected. By connecting the Macbook first, the phone gets allocated it's own IP address.

    Let me know if this works for you, and if it's an iPhone, iPhone 4, or any phone issue!
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