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Hi my headphone jack was fine until recently and now it won't go all the way in. Also my iPad won't play audio through it's own speakers as it thinks there are headphones plugged in, though there aren't.
I fear something may be lodged in the socket. Any ideas how to remove it or if it might be soothing else?

Ipad, iOS 4
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    If you have an Apple Retail store close, it might be a good idea to take the iPad in and have the staff of the genius bar take a look. Or if you have a very high intensity small light, like a white light LED, and can get the right angle, look in the socket yourself. When you last used the headphones, did the plug come out intact? That is, the tip did not come off, did it? Extracting whatever is in there would be a task for Apple repair services.
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    Thanks for this. I CAREFULLY dug out a ball of fluff with a thick needle (using for darning wool). Hey presto problem solved. I I will have to stop leaving my ipod in my pockets. Thanks

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    Grea, glad you were successful at getting lint out :-)

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    Thank you!!!  This was the perfect solution.  At first I was poking with a needle blowing into the tiny jack and nothing was happening. But then a big clump of lint came tumbling out!  Problem fixed.  Costly repairs at the hands of a 'Genius' averted. Thank you!!!!