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I'm posting this just because it took a lot of time to figure out on my own, and I'm hoping I can save someone else the hassle:

I programmed my Dish Network 5.0 IR remote (look on the remote bottom to see which version you have) to control my new 2nd generation apple tv.

I used the AUX mode and had to try dozens of different codes before the buttons I wanted to use were enabled. That is, the apple tv can accept just about any IR signal from a remote and "learn" it, but not every button on the Dish network remote is enabled to actually send out an IR signal. Each different programming code enables a different set of buttons. I just wanted to use the blue directional buttons (up,down,left,right) and the center select button on m dish remote, since they are most analagous to the buttons on the apple tv remote. You can tell if the remote is emitting an IR signal when you press a button because the mode button will flash once when you press a button that is actually emitting an IR signal, and won't flash at all when you press a button that is NOT emitting a signal.

To do this, do the following:

1. Hold down the AUX mode button at the top of the remote until all the mode buttons flash red and then the AUX button continually flashes.
2. Press "0" (tells the remote you are programming a TV code)
3. Enter "2", "3", "4" (this is a remote code for a certain type of panasonic TV. I used it because it actually enabled all the directional buttons and the select button to send a signal.)
4. Press the # button.
5. After a second or two, the AUX button should flash 3 times, indicating the code has been successfully entered.
6. On the apple tv, use your aluminum remote to go to settings--> general--> remotes--> learn remote.
7. follow the on screen instructions, making sure the AUX mode on your remote has been selected before hitting the arrow buttons on your Dish remote.
8. For the "Menu" button, I used the "info" button on the dish remote, since it is in roughly the same position relative to the directional buttons as the menu button on the apple remote. shrug
Now you can use your Dish network remote to control your apple TV!

One caveat: If the TV you are using is actually controlled by the 234 panasonic code I chose here, you won't want to use it on your apple tv because both devices will pick up the signal and respond at the same time, causing chaos. You'd have to instead go through and try other codes available form Dish NEtwork's website, here:
http://tech.dishnetwork.com/departmental_content/TechPortal/content/tech/remotes /TechRemo3.0Code.shtml#dvd

Also note there are more instructions regarding the Dish 5.0 IR remote here:
http://tech.dishnetwork.com/departmental_content/TechPortal/content/tech/remotes /5.0.shtml

Hope this helps someone!

Apple TV 2nd Generation, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Thanks, This worked like a charm on my dish remote!
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    Worked like a charm, thanks.
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    The Apple TV actually has quite a few more discrete "buttons" than are actually on the little aluminum remote. I use a Harmony One and for example it is able to have separate buttons for skipping forward and backwards in chapters and it also has separate buttons for 10 second skipback and 30 second skipforward. Those work awesome for skipping through commercials in TV recordings. You can possibly configure your Dish Network remote to do the same.
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    @ newagemac:

    Yes, I should point out that the DISH code I used in the original post does NOT enable the skip-ahead or skipback buttons, though it does enable the fast forward and rewind buttons, as well as the pause and play buttons, so I had my ATV2 learn those buttons as well.

    If anyone wants to go through additional trial and error in the Dish network codes to see which code enables those buttons, that would be ideal. The fast-forward and rewind functions are not as good as skip-forward or skipback, in my opinion. But I don't know which code would enable those buttons on the Dish remote.
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    FYI: I have since purchased a Logitech Harmony 300i remote (normally about $40, but saw an online deal for $25). I must say this is far better for use with apple tv, mainly because you can easily program any button on the remote to do absolutely anthing you want. Plus the database of universal remote codes is constantly updated online.

    Anyway, for what it's worth, I'd say it's worthwhile to look into the Harmony remotes for universal control of multiple systems, including apple tv.
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    Just want to say thanks dgalvan123 for recommending a Logitech remote, especially the 300i as I was looking to purchase a separate remote and this was the one I was after.


    So thanks!

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    Thanks to dgalvan123 for steering me in the right direction on this one. Unfortunately my dish remote uses different programming codes.


    For anyone looking for a working 20.0 IR dish network remote code, I've used 1734.


    In step by step from dgalvan123's post:


    1. Hold down the AUX mode button at the top of the remote until all the mode buttons flash red and then the AUX button continually flashes.

    2. Press "1" (tells the remote you are programming a DVD or VCR player)

    3. Enter "7", "3", "4" (this is a remote code for a certain type of panasonic TV. I used it because it actually enabled all the directional buttons and the select button to send a signal.)

    4. Press the # button.


    I also used the "1" and "3" buttons for the chapter forward and back controls since they are right underneath the playback buttons.

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    Forgot to change one thing, code is actually for Panasonic VCR.  I wanted to use either a DVD or VCR code so that the volume control still defaulted back to my TV while the remote is in aux mode.

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    Worked like a charm.  Thanks so much.

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    Apple Watch

    Has anyone else noticed that when copying the SELECT button on the ATV3 remote to an MX-500 universal remote, the copied signal no longer shows the movie chapter list when held in?

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    I just wanted to add to the OP that if you use 1234 instead of 0234 you will get all the functionality the OP got, and your volume control will use the currently programmed TV instead of the "placeholder" Panasonic TV. I have yet to find a code that will allow me to map skip fwd and back, or chapter fwd and back to the proper Dish buttons so I just use 1 & 3 and 4 & 6 (respectively), which is ok. If anyone finds a code that maps the skip buttons, please let us know.

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    Just an FYI; JDGodfrey recommendation of 1734 works most excellently for the Dish 21.0 Remote also. In addition, after you program the settings for the basic features, ATV will take you to a screen to name the remote and it mentions setting the playback buttons. It was not obvious how to do that so here is what I found. This is from memory so hopefully I'm close in my description.


    You need to go back into remote setup under the general tab. This time there will be two (or more) entries, one is learn remote (which you just did) and the other is the name of the remote you just set up. Select that one and you'll have 4 choices. The one to select is to setup playback buttons. The 21.0 remote has all the buttons except 2, the chapter back and chapter forward. As a substitute I used INFO for Chapter Back and VIEW LIVE TV for Chapter forward as neither of those should be used for the TV whilst using ATV.


    BTW, my ATV is a 3rd Generation, model MD199LL/A.

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    Photos for Mac

    I Have a dish 40.0 remote and used a Denon 1634 code for my DVD Mode and it works great and it allows me to use the skip forward and back buttons. One caveat is you can't use Live TV button as a chapter button so I used buttons 1 & 3 as well. Works great and a lot better then having my Dish remote learn commands because when I tried that it's like it repeats every button that's pressed.


    Hope oped this helps someone.

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    i oil would like to set my dish remote 21.1 to my Apple TV generation 2/3.  I have tried code 0234 on the auxiliary button but has no effect is there a way to do this, any help greatly appreciated