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I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro and would like to copy the music library from my ipad onto the MacBook. Can anyone advise me please on how to go about it, as I struggle. Many thanks.

MacBook Pro 13, iOS 4
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    this is for iPod Touch/iPhone but works the same for iPad:

    connect your device and right-click or control-click your iPad in the iTunes Source list, then choose +transfer purchases+ from the shortcut menu that appears.

    for content you added manually (e.g. CD rips), check out [iRip|http://thelittleappfactory.com/irip/?gclid=CMnaiefNwKQCFUODDgodgh4oMg].


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    That's great, thank you. However, how about transferring the music CDs that I have ripped to my iPad. I have purchased them but in the shop and not via iTunes. I have transferred my collection from real CDs to my iPad and gave the CDs away. They only exist in my iPad's library now but I would also like to have them to my MacBook.
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    did you check out the link to iRip i provided ?


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    If this is all music (and other content) you've purchased, right-click on your iPad under Devices in iTunes and select "Transfer Purchases".

    Make sure you are signed into your iTunes account on your mac, and the same account on our iPad. When selecting the music you want on the "music" tab in iTunes under your device, make sure you hit apply to transfer music from iPad to Macbook.

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    We just released music Transfer, an universal app (iPhone/iPad) that lets you transfer multiple music files (up to 50 at one time) from your iPad to your Computer over wifi. You can also transfer music from an iPad or computer directly to your iPad. No cables and no other software required.


    The app is currently in the top 25 iPad apps in the photography category. I hope you can check it out and find it useful:




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    Let me know if you have any comment or suggestions. Cheers,


    Enrique R

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    There are two ways:.


    1. A Sync will do it. If it does not work for you, check the various tabs in iTunes and confirm that the appropriate boxes are checked. You can decide which apps, music and videos will be transferred.


    2. Use Vibosoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Mac transfer app

    Vibosoft iPad to mac transfer program can copy everything from iPhone,iPad, ipod to computer for backup, I used it for long time, really powerful and worth a recommend! there are so many similar software like: Coolmuster iPad to computer transfer, iStonsoft,


    this is user guide: How to copy songs from iPad 2/min/4/air to Mac OS X

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    You need to make the new Mac iTunes library your syncing library. iTunes on the Mac sees your iPad as a new device because you have never synced with this computer before. You can make the Mac your syncing computer by following the instructions in this user tip. You will be able to transfer the purchased music on the iPad into iTunes when you follow this procedure.

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    It's really a very easy thing, you just need to use an iPad to Mac transfer to solve this. I think Amacsoft iPad to Mac transfer is very helpful, and you just need 2 steps to finish the transfer. This how to get music from iPad to Mac/PC would help you know more!

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    Yes, you can do that, with the help of iPubsoft iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer! It is a good method to help you copy songs from iPad to Mac easily with only few steps, and of course, you can also move other iPad files to your Mac computer smoothly!