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Jarveye Level 1 Level 1
I have been having increasing problems with aperture, i use it at my work to archive several thousand photos per month, and its been getting increasingly slow and unreliable, I've posted previously regarding other problems, but now ive hit a big one:

bascially it will not load the library.

i have tried disconnecting the library and creating a new one, and aperture will open then, so its not aperture, but something to do with the file or the size of the file.

When i try to connect to it it will load slowly, and show all the projects at the left side, but will show nothing else, thats when the spinning beach ball appears and wont go away. the computer doesnt freeze, just aperture.

I have the library as normal till the hard drive was around 100GB from full then began referencing them onto a new hard drive leaving the library on that one.

i have the library vaulted onto a identical HD up untill te point where i started referencing them to the new HD, so there is no backup since then.

i have tried all i can think of, any help much appreciated!!!

Mac Pro 2x2Ghz Dual Core Xeon, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 6CB 667Mhz DDR2 FB DIMM
  • Ir. Bob Level 2 Level 2
    Start Aperture with the alt, or option key ( or both can't remember) and then rebuild the library.
  • shuttersp33d Level 4 Level 4
    The option and command keys.
  • SierraDragon Level 4 Level 4
    It sounds like one or more overfilled hard drives, a common problem when folks use Managed Masters. Once you switch to the more appropriate *Referenced-Masters Library* Aperture will help you keep from overfilling the Library drive. Reconfigure all of your image Masters to have a *Referenced-Masters Library* on the internal drive with the Masters referenced on other drives via FW800 or (preferably) eSATA.

    Hard drives should be less than 70% full. That is important for speed and stability. Don't try to do anything until <70% full is achieved for all drives. To get to less than 70% full move data off of the Library drives to other drives.

    The Aperture Library should live on an internal drive for best speed.

    Note that Vaults back up the Library but a Referenced-Masters Library does not have the Masters in it, so Masters must be separately backed up. Also routinely create Vaults to back up the Library.


    -Allen Wicks