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I've been having a lot of problems with many sites lately. Rogers Canada assures me there is absolutely no way the problem is on their side, and that I must contact the providers of all the websites I have a problem. Which would be apple stores via iPhone and iTunes, university of waterloo, Senaca college, rogers.com, openstreetmap.org etc...

I'm pretty sure one of their gateways is causing a problem, but I must prove it first. I asked Apple support for the IP addresses used for their apps store and itunes store and they directed me here.

So can I get a list of the ip address or hostnames used by the apps store on the iPhone and the itunes store. Also is there any way to get the address of apps like kingdoms, kingdoms at war, Toms hardware, etc? gmail seems to be fine, but those apps are really flaky on the rogers network.


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    There is no such list - Apple, like all businesses online - relies on DNS for correct access to their websites.

    do you get these issues wherever you are? Home, work, school, using 3G on the iPhone?

    For home use I'd suggest you change your DNS addresses to something other than the ones Rogers provide - I use opendns.com and their DNS addresses are and208.67.220.220. This is free and you don't need to register with them.

    You can change these settings in in your router then your PC and iPhone will use them (when connected on your home network)

    if you can then connect to everything successfully then it's their problem, not yours.

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    3G on the iPhone is fine, on friends (Bell, Shaw, Acanac) it's fine.

    The only problem I have is when I'm on Rogers Canada. I actually have both DSL (Acanac) and Rogers, if I know the ip address of the server I can redirect the traffic. Problem is the traffic isn't going through store.apple.com or www.apple.com IP addresses.

    The problem also occurs on Linux, and Solaris OS so it's not exclusive to windows iTunes or the iPhone. It's definitely a server on the path that Rogers picks. Sites like "www.openstreetmap.org" are going via RE: if-3-0.icore1.NTO-NewYork.as6453.net (which fails pings 60% of the time) I suspect it's either that one or the hop just before it.

    The problem is I need more proof as Rogers Canada wouldn't except this. The simply said the problem is with all the 20 or so servers (including all apple sites) Also the owners of as6453 refused to talk to me as I'm not one of their customers.

    It's not a DNS issue, it's the IP packets are being dropped, or throttled to zero.

    I'd drop rogers if it wasn't for the 2.5 MByte/s transfer rate I get, when I get connected.

    So back to the original question. Apple support told me I can find the names of the apple servers here. Do I go back to support? I need a list of IP addresses so I can provide Rogers Canada a profile of problem server, and working ones. I suspect all problems that I have will have the same hop in the traceroute.
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    Sorry, but there is no list of IP addresses available. The iTunes Store uses a distributed server network, which in the US is run by Akamai and may also be so in Canada, which may use a plethora of different IP addresses, none of which have ever been made public (and may well change regularly). So if Rogers is insisting on you giving them specific IP addresses for the servers, it's not going to be possible. All that you could give them are domains. The domains the iTunes Store uses are:


    and in the past at least they also used: