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After setting the parental controls for netflix the other day I handed the apple tv remote to my 5 year old daughter (home sick) to watch episodes of Nickelodeon's "Backyardigans." I then found out that it only asks for a code to get into the netflix app, but once your in. . . you can access anything!!!

Apple, if your listening, could you please make the parental controls active at the show level in apple tv? I'd love to let my kids use it, but I have to delete all items out of my instant que that aren't suitable for a 5 year old in order to let them use it . . . . which makes if feel awfully PC-like : (

Has anyone had any better luck with this than me on the netflix parental control setting?

imac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    You are absolutely correct. Apple's parental controls work great on shows that are in the Itunes store, but for Netflix other then the passcode to get in, there are no parental controls.!!! This is dreadful and needs to be fixed.
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    I too am disappointed in the parental controls on my new Apple TV. Even if you set restrictions for the iTunes store content it still shows all the titles when browsing? It only restricts you from playing the title.

    It works the same way for Netflix. You can set restrictions on your Netflix profile online, but all titles show up when browsing regardless of their rating.

    I really don't need to browse through blood spattered cover artwork to get to the content I want to watch. My Roku player hides titles with a rating higher than your profile restriction. Makes a lot more sense to me for it to work that way?

    Next software update? Hope so.
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    I've read elsewhere that parental controls set via the Netflix website propagate to the Apple TV after a day or so delay. Is this correct?
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    This is true, but there no back door. Meaning, if you set it to PG and under, for example, and you want to watch an R rated movie you can't, period. There no opportunity to offer a PIN or code to allow it. The only workaround is to go to the Netflix site and turn off parental controls altogether.
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    Apple: Please implement parental controls on Netflix at the individual show level. A single password to access everything is pointless. Please and Thank you. I love Apple
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    I agree totally... 1st apple tv loving it for me and the wife. But parental support for restrictions for my 3 children not very well thought out.  Family movie night browsing movies selections don't want see MILF or the blood covered movie title and the other inappropriate titles while looking at new arrivals looking for Disney movies or other G,PG, PG-13.  Something should be done ASAP.  I love what apple has been offering for the devices but more control over them in the user hands would be more appreciated then these devices could be in every childs room... IJMS

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    While I agree that AppleTV should have more granular parental controls regarding Netflix that just "Ask, Allow, and Hide," there is another way.


    It's called "Account Profiles."


    Here's how to set them up:


    1.  On your computer, go to the Netflix web site, sign into your account, and go to "Your account and help." 

    2.  Look down the left side of the page for "Preferences."  You will see an option for "Account Profiles."  Select that.

    3.  Click "Add profile"

    4.  Configure your new profile with whatever name you like, and a different "sign-in" name than your normal account.  This is where you can set the profile to only allow certain content ratings.  Set them up as you see fit. Click "Save."

    5.   Go back to your AppleTV.  Logout of the current Netflix account, and log back in using the Account Profile sign-in ID you created on the Netflix web site.  Yes, I know AppleTV says to put in your email address, but just put in the Account Profile sign-in instead.


    Now your AppleTV can access Netflix, but the content on Netflix will be limited by your settings in your Netlix account profile.


    You can go into Parental Controls on AppleTV, and simply set "Allow" for Netflix, since it is managed separately.


    This worked for me, hopefully it will help others.

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    CVC, Does the profile option only apply to adding DVDs to the queue as I have a streaming account with Netflix and I don't see that option?

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    This only works for the main account.  Streaming is not allowed with profiles.

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    It's working for me.  I have my AppleTV set to login under a profile with parental controls, not the main account login.  I just checked it again just now, and it's working fine.   Maybe it's something with your account? 

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    Ok, I should clarify...  streaming to a computer or streaming to a Wii will not work unless you are logged into your main profile (Owner Profile).  I am not completely sure about AppleTV, however, based on my conversations with Netflix support, they said that any kind of online streaming from Netflix must be done through the main (owner) account due to agreements between Netflix and the media companies providing the content.

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    No joy on Netflix profiles.  Netflix will not allow streaming from any profile but the main profile, even on AppleTV

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    I am with you on that buddy, i want something like kids wont access everything.  i have  roku 500 queue i add like 300 movies and shows.


    Apple should create netflix setting to disable the search / genre , and when it off we only see instant queue and just for kids feature.


    apple please create a way to remove everything like search/genre/suggestion/tv shows and leave only instant queue and just for kids. There are so many familes with kids dont want there kids to access anything above pg



    access 500 movies from library and just for kids what ever is on there.



    thank you

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    Hi, beenana


    netflix start with 500 queue which was great 500 titles 250 kids 250 adult , apple need to add netflix setting to disable the search/ genre and when is off we get instant queue / just for kids two links.


    it will be so great to see this from happen to disable the search from netflix.