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I have installed Windows 7 through Boot camp on my Mac Book but am getting a missing network driver on device manager. I have done the normal things - ran the OS X update DVD, updated Windows will all latest downloads and searched for the driver but nothing works. Windows can't find a driver and doesn't identify the network device specifically. I suspect that it is something for the wireless interface since that works fine on Snow Leopard but not on Windows side. I have to use an ethernet cable to connect to my router.

How do I fix this?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    After some research and trial and error I found the problem. I am listing it here in case others run into it. I bought my Apple Macbook just a few months ago and recently added Bootcamp with Windows 7 home premium. I noticed a reference to Apple Software Update in the programs section of Windows 7 when I ran this I was informed that there is an update to Bootcamp to support the various versions of Windows 7. I ran the update with a locally connected ethernet cable and then my Windows started working properly - no more missing driver message and the wireless function worked. Also Belarc Advisor now saw the Broadcom adapter for Airport. Apparently the MacBook DVD did not have the Windows 7 drivers on it. No telling how long the Macbook was laying in the vendor's inventory.