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I have an a brand new imac and it won't work with either of my printers. My macbook works with them fine, but for some reason the new imac doesn't recognise any printers that are connected.
I have the canon MX310 and the HP A710, they are suppose to be compatible but it just isn't working. I have it all plugged in and turned on, I have gone in to system preferences and clicked the + button but it finds absolutely nothing. I have also searched for the most recent drivers, but the software that came with it worked fine on the macbook. Its completely confused me!

imac, Mac OS X (10.6.4), canon MX310
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    Hi, as a Suggestion I would do SMC reset.. Then Turn Off the computer, connect one printer at a time & reboot. Have you checked to see if the USB ports are active?....L

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    You could try resetting the print system: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1341
    and then try adding the printers again.
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    I did a search on this site and found a link to an article on getting printers connected. I followed the link and downloaded updated printer drivers for my HP wireless printer. After installing the drivers it still wouldn't work until I deleted the printer and then added it back. My iMac is a week old.
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    Hi, I'm not sure how read your Post! are the Printers working? If No ->
    Call AppleHelp (you have 90days Free Telephone Help) -
    Visit your local Genius Bar..or Apple Approved Service Agent
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    Welcome to Apple Support Discussions.

    Elmac is spot on. You are covered by 90 days of free phone support. The number in the US is 800-275-2273, they should be able to help you debug it. Let them know what you have attempted to do and the steps you have taken so they can help undo any mess that may have been accidentally created. However once thing are cleaned up installing a printer should be dead simple. Remember on wireless printers you have to install them on your network first, if the network doesn't know the printer is on it then there is no way the Mac (or any other computer for that matter) will know it's there. There is a Network Wizard on HP wireless printers, it's pretty simple to set up all you need is the name of your network and the security code (if any) on your network.


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    I was merely responding to the original poster. My printer is up and working fine but I did need to download and install updated drivers for os x 10.6 and then delete the printer and then add it back.
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    My bad I should have been responding to the OP. Sorry for the confusion.
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    I have rang apple care and they said there isn't anything they can do, they went through the diagnostic again and have told me to contact canon because apparently the drivers on their website aren't up to date enough. I'm waiting for their response now. My computer hasn't recognised any printer I have actually plugged in making me wonder whether it will recognise any at all. The USB does work cause it registers that my external hard drive is plugged in. I really don't know what step to take next. The guy in the apple shop said it would work with any printer, I told him I had a canon MX310 and a HP A710 photo printer, and neither are working with all the CDs installed and everything!
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    Hi, have you been on the Canon website & searched out drivers? ....L