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For a few days I have been unable to see my lexar usb drive (or indeed any other usb drive) in finder. The lexar appears in disk utility. Also, my iphone doesn't display in finder (or disk utility - though I'm not sure it's supposed to), but it does show in itunes. Actually, it appears nothing with display under devices in finder.

External disks is selected in finder preferences (I have experimented with turning the options on and off).

Please help - this is driving me mad!!


macbook pro 5,5, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    The iPhone won't show up in Finder without using 3rd party software so that's not a problem and since it appears in iTunes it shows there's probably nothing wrong with the USB ports. More information - are you connecting the devices directly into the computer or into a hub or keyboard? If you are using a hub, it could be the problem and even if you are connecting directly into the computer, another USB device could be at fault.

    So, disconnect all your USB devices but the keyboard and mouse. Restart the computer. Connect one USB device directly to the computer. If it shows up, great, disconnect and try the next. If they all connect okay it is time to start adding them in pairs. Again, if you have a hub, consider it the prime suspect and swap cables around too. (The joys of multiple USB devices.)
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    Hi - I'm connecting straight into my macbook. Have tried what you suggest but to no avail... Many thanks
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    My next too steps would be to verify the devices on another computer, especially the flash drive. Over the years. I've had several flash drives stop mounting and discovered they wouldn't mount on other computers either. Soemtimes they reformatted and worked flawlessly afterwards and sometimes they couldn't be revivied. My second step would be reinstalling the OS (without erasing the computer and that failing, wiping the drive). As I said suspect there's nothing wrong with the USB system itself if your iPhone appears in iTunes and syncs.

    Oops. If you haven't reset the computer check this out too http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1379?viewlocale=en_US

    I tend to forget this step for some reason even though it is right in my troubleshooting notebook

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    Hi I've reset the computer, verified the devices on another mac, reinstalled the OS, wiped the device...I guess it's now the reinstall with the wipe of the drive.
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    Hope you have recent backups...if not, take time to burn a DVD or two. Remember, the Library is an important repository of data too.

    Before getting too involved in the restoration process, I'd suggest formatting the computer, reinstalling the OS and making an account called 'test'. Immediately see if the devices work. If not, you've wasted no time restoring a defective computer. If so, and you intend to use Migrate, you won't have account name duplication issues. I like having a 'test' account for general trouble shooting issues.