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Hi all.
I have this problem about my iphone 3GS, firmware 4.
Yesterday night I connected iphone to the mains in order to recharge it, but a few hours later I found out battery was still at same level. Thought i didn't connect it well and forgot it, I connected it again and it started charging.
Since I've been using iphone all night long for a week or so(there's an app called simplynoise that i use to help me sleep) I had to recharge it this morning.
I turned it off and connected it to the mains and I found out that, when I charged the phone while the phone is turned off, on the screen there's no "apple" icon nor "charging battery" icon, is it used to in the past...simply, the screen is black.
Now I tried to test it, and it charges both when it's turned off and on.
Last time this "no icon" situation arose, my iphone just died..it started getting mad with the signal (switching from "full signal" to "no signal" in a second).
I dropped once, but id didn't even hit the ground and so i think it cannot be broken in that sense.
It's not that important if the icon doesn't show off when i charge my iphone, but it is if this is a sign of something wrong with it.
Any idea what can this be?

HP Compaq, iOS 4