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I can sync all my contacts from the Mac address book on my MacBook Pro to my iPhone 4. However, why does it not sync the iPhone contacts to the Mac address book? Should it not be like a two way sync? I was looking at the syncing options but it does give that option. I just want to make sure that I have the same contacts on my iPhone and Mac. I do understand that MobileMe does that. But till I can afford to have MobileMe, maybe there is another solution?

Anybody... help!

MacbBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    The sync process for contacts with a supported address book application on your computer is a bidirectional or true sync process, or should be.

    If any new contacts added on your iPhone or an edit of an existing contact does not make it to the Address Book when syncing, try resetting the sync history on your Mac, which is done via iSync preferences with the iSync application located in your Applications folder.
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    I had a major drama doing this last night, have managed to restore my Address Book file with a backup after I mistakenly wiped all the contacts I had created on my iPhone. Yikes! I suggest when you sync your iPhone leave it plugged in after the sync until you check that the contacts are all where they should be. That way, the most recent backup that is done automatically when you plug in the iPhone will still have all your iPhone contacts should something go amiss and they can be restored. Also export your computer's Address Book (File>Export in Address Book) which should land in your Documents folder.
    To get all my iPhone's contacts back into my Mac's Address Book, I created a group in my Mac Address Book called 'iPhones contacts'. When I synced the iPhone with my Mac, (Info tab>Sync Address Book Contacts in iTunes), I checked the box that says 'Add contacts created outside of groups on this iPhone to...' and checked the new 'iPhone contacts' group and when I synced, all the new contacts on the iPhone landed in my Mac's Address Book. Phew. Heartstopper!
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    Thanks Allan!

    The clear sync history helped and it was all sorted out. Thanks a lot!

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    You're welcome.

    Glad that worked.