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I am running a discussion forum. www.uroeducation.org. It is hosted by my webmaster in a server some where in Canada. It has more than 700 members and

Suppose if I buy a Mac mini server and install it in my house and connect it to the home broad band can I host the forum site in the mac mini server.

Please help me understand. I want to decide about buying this mini server for the forum.

Mac Mini (Tiger), Macbook (Leopard), AXn, Virgin internet by Netgear, Mac OS X (10.4.8), Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Mac mini connected to 32" HDTV
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    The mini should have enough horsepower to handle your serving needs, but of course that can't be verified for sure unless the server is stress-tested.

    However, you have a few other considerations that may not even involve the server...

    - Is your home broadband "fast" enough to accommodate the service? (ie. what is your upload/download speed and capacity.)

    - Do your terms of service for the home broadband allow for running a commercial website?
    (In US, at least in my region, the TOS require one to purchase the "Business" tier service.)

    - Does your broadband retain the same IP address, or is the IP subject to change?

    - Security, this does touch on your box... are you well enough versed into the software modules and OS to keep them secure and administered properly?

    - And of course backups and business continuity, do you have a plan to handle those?
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    There is so much looks like.
    My question is very basic but would like to clarify my doubt. How does this home and bussiness use of this mini server differ. Or to put it in another way how does a home user benifit from this server.
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    The home/business that I mentioned is not related to your server, but rather to the type of Internet Service you are provided with.

    Commonly, a home network connection gets a new IP address on a predetermined amount of time, or after you reboot your modem. If you are running such a setup your users would not be able to reach your server.
    (I assume you are familiar with how DNS and IP addresses are related.)

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