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Hello guys,
i have a macbook pro, that i formated with a windows 7 dvd, now i ONLY have a windows 7 on my macbook pro.(I wanted a clean install with os x before i puted windows 7, but i coudnt because each time i tried to boot from os x dvd i got a kernel panic, thats why i formated the entire hard driver and puted windows 7)
But now i realy want the mac os x, i really tried evrything, evry dvd, evry key combination nothing worked.the error i get is: yo need to restart your computer ....
I alo cant acces the hardware test....
nobody could help me on the forums...

Today i tried to boot from a linux bootcd,then i got the next error:
mp-bios bug:8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC
kernel panic: not syncing: IO-APIC +timer doesnt work.

As you can see the problem is apic,when i press noapic the linux starts up, so i think if I could disable the apic before starting to boot from the os x dvd should help...
on windows computers yo can disable the apic in bios, does anybody have an idea how i can do it on a macbook pro?
or maybe other ideas that can repair the bug?

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5)
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