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Just bought a new 4th Gen iPod touch last week. Battery doesnt seem to last long at all (maybe 4 hrs). It will go completely dead, yet when I plug it in it shows 1/2 the battery left and takes 2+ hrs to charge. Thoughts? Also, the back gets REALLY hot. I exchanged it at the Apple store and the 2nd one is the same.

Gateway, Windows 7
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    Have you read any of he numerous previous topics/discussions here on short batter life and overheating?
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    Hey I got a same problem too! Is it when the battery drains you plug in the cable and it shows 50%?
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    Same here. If the battery drains completely, if I plug it back in, three or so minutes later, the battery appears to be at 50percent.

    Who knows what it means.
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    Have you reset your iPad:
    Reset iPod touch: Press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home
    button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    Next I would try restoring from backup.
    Next would be restoring to factory new to see if something you added is causing the problem.
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    Hey I've got a solution right here that you might try. I've tried it for half a day and it's still remain at 100%.

    1. Decrease your brightness level to about 50% or more (as soon as it is less than 75% and you can see it).
    2. Turn on Airplane mode. Since iPod is not for voice calls or SMSes, just turn it on when you're not using WiFi connection.
    3. Download an app called Battery Life Pro. It will show you your battery percentage.
    4. In case yours is iOS 4.0.2, upgrade it to iOS 4.1

    What I'm curious about is, after 15 minutes on WiFi, it dropped till 90%, but later rise back to 95%.

    Maybe you should send your iPod back to Apple. When you've done that, let me know the procedures and what they've done. Thanks!