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I live out in 'the sticks' so to speak, and am using HSPA+ cellular for my internet connection. Works great, decent performance (5Mbs down/2Mbs up), but you pay by consumption. I've got a 10Gb cap, which isn't huge, but more than enough for standard stuff.

I really like the AppleTV concept. I'm curious as to what I could expect to see from a internet consumption perspective. I figure I can stream my iTunes library of music, tv shows, and movies and that'll just be wifi. But what about streaming through the internet? I'm guessing movie rentals mainly? What's the average movie size? Typical DVD around 4Gb?

Can I take the movies I own and import them into my iTunes library and then stream them over through AppleTV?

Thanks for the advice all!

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    5mbs should be ok, at least for standard. HD could be hit/miss though. Now the cap is where the main issue lies however it depends on your lifestyle (i.e. how much you tend to watch in a month)

    I'd say every hour would convert to 1GB. So that would mean 5-6 movies. (or many TV shows) Now HD would likely require more but at your speed and cap i'd stick with SD.

    You can definitely import into iTunes and stream via ATV providing computer is on and iTunes open. Keep in mind, if conversions or rips are required this can be time consuming.

    Hope this was helpful.