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  • Josh Alkire Level 1 Level 1
    I'm currently sitting on a 1255-minute wait for a show rental.

    Seriously, it's almost comical.
  • Stephen Latimer Level 1 Level 1
    IS EVERYONE CONTACTING APPLE....Having already posted, I'm hoping that someone has been given a fix. I still haven't decided wether to send this back to apple and wait for the Boxee to come out in November. I haven't bothered to download any other HD content, watched "This is War", in SD and took about 20 mins to download, which I can live with. PLEASE APPLE I WANT TO KEEP THIS
  • Ptrotsky Level 1 Level 1
    HD's are a real problem. Yiu will notice that when you preview a movie in a regular format it plays very quickly. However, when you try to preview a movie in the theatres it tajes forever and appears stuck!
  • wrinkledog Level 1 Level 1
    Yup. Add me to the list. We don't have a fast internet connect (1.5-2.0) but I've downloaded movies via my MBP and connected it up to our TV to watch. It takes some time and I'm fine with that but ATV2 doesn't seem to get anywhere...

    Major problems. I'm sure Apple will sort it out but now I have to go inform the wife, no movie tonight like we planned.

    I'm curious how you select a non-HD movie. I'd prefer to do that because our screen isn't that large 37" and our bandwidth is slow. I don't really need HD, but thought I'd give it a whirl and now, yikes ... I think I'll be an old man by the time I get to watch this movie.

  • Ptrotsky Level 1 Level 1
    When you select a movie you should see a choice. HD or regular which is just fine. 2MBS is very very slow. I just measured 10 today and still have issues. I suspect this is an issue with Apple's servers.
  • jer92 Level 1 Level 1
    I have the new apple TV and it would be an amazing product . . . If it worked. YOU CAN DO BETTER APPLE. I suggest to all who are considering purchasing an apple TV to save your time, money and patience. . . All mine have expired waiting for HD to download and play.
  • a1short Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, sorry to say, but I have the same issue.
    Rented a "Simpsons" episode, ready tp play in "41 minutes....", then about 10 mins later it said "31 minutes" then about 10 mins after that it said ready to play in "38 minutes......."
    I can't imagine trying to rent a two hour movie!
    Judging by all the problems on the forums here, this product isn't ready for prime time yet.
  • brthauer Level 1 Level 1
    Same issue here in Sydney I have 5mbs and on iinet BOB connected with ethernet cable. Have rented about 3 movies, and some will play with a short wait but one I rented about 3 weeks ago have never been able to watch. It said 300 mins to download, then stopped went off did some other things then tried again about an hour later and said it was ready to watch started playing and then I stopped it, as I needed to wait for the kids to see it, tried starting it again and it said 400 mins to watch, another attempt said this computer not authorised...I wonder when we will hear something from Apple about this? Its best to rent from your Mac and stream it from there...
  • Ptrotsky Level 1 Level 1
    Received support from Apple. Disgusted all our problems and concerns. Apple is well swear of Tge problem. Said to bringing out a firwsre update very soon. In the meantime- they suggested downloading movie on your computer and streaming it thru APTV2 to avoid the long wait. Expect the update soon.
  • sschwar4 Level 1 Level 1
    This is an issue with either the ATV2 box for how it interfaces with iTunes. My network is well above 6mbps and have no issues doing HD content from Mobileme or YouTube.

    Waiting over 5 minutes for a rental from iTunes to start is asking too much. Netflix starts in under 30 seconds.

    I have noticed that doing HD content from my computer takes a few minutes, but no where near what iTunes is doing.

    I suggest that everyone submit a feedback request and report the issue as a bug.
  • Ptrotsky Level 1 Level 1
    Yep-they are very aware of it. Expect a firmware update soon.
  • i_Guy Level 1 Level 1
    Today i have been listening to music using airshare / airtunes.
    my set up:
    Time Capsule
    2x Airport Express
    ATV 2

    Using remote App on the Phone or pad

    Audio Playback is hit and miss, working fine/ then nothing and then iTunes can't find the speakers.

    Can't seam to fail to notice that iTunes is the common link between both our problems.

    Since my earlier post here i have uprated my Broadband to 50MB (and I have not notice it drop radically in speed as yet.

    I have not rented another HD movie yet but can still say that the trailers are still clunky in play back
  • torvill Level 1 Level 1
    What is even more annoying is that Apple charge for movies that are not really started! They show as 23 hours left, 22 hours left etc, and they are still not cached enough to be shown. This error is REALLY annoying!
  • alondono Level 1 Level 1
    wrinkledog wrote:

    I'm curious how you select a non-HD movie. I'd prefer to do that because our screen isn't that large 37" and our bandwidth is slow. I don't really need HD, but thought I'd give it a whirl and now, yikes ... I think I'll be an old man by the time I get to watch this movie.


    In the new Apple TV, to rent SD (non-HD) movies you have to go to Settings > General > *iTunes Store* and turning *Rent High Definition* off
  • APV Level 1 Level 1
    I was having the same problem, I hope Apple fixes this soon, in the meantime I have found a work around, its not very elegant but it works. I found this thru trial and error
    After I receive the loading message "Ready to play in xxx minutes" (it will lock up like that for hours) I back out and find any other video to stream (usually a preview) after streaming that successfully, I go back and hit play on the previous rental and 95% of the time it works.
    I know his is not a solution but at least it will let you watch the video before it expires.
    Good Luck
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