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My 5th generation iPod stopped working this week. It froze on me one day when I got it out to listen to music, and it wouldn't reset or turn off. I let the battery die, and when I hooked it up to my computer, it wouldn't sync. I disconnected it and there were only about 150 of my original 4300 songs left. I tried restoring the iPod, so now it is completely blank, but iTunes still wont read it. When I connect the ipod to my computer, iTunes pops up and immediately freezes.

Please help! I've been trying every method I can find: restoring the iPod, changing the drive letter, changing my itunes preferences. Is there anything else I can try, or is my iPod just dying of old age?

Windows 7
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    Did you download/update to the recent iTunes that came out? My ipod is a 5th gen vid too, but my problems only started when I downloaded this update to iTunes. Everything was good at first, I managed to put music on and listen to it then 24 hourse later I wake up to the message ''Connect to computer. Use iTunes to restore.''

    My ipod freezes every now again in the past year, I once randomnly woke up to find 50 songs had deleted themselves and if its just a degree too cold even with a fully charged battery I'll play 3 songs then it'll die. So in terms of performance I know it has the usual old age signs.

    BUT after I installed this iTunes things just went real bad. Mine now does the same and if I plug it in iTunes pops up straight away and freezes.

    The only suggestions I have are:
    1. Try a different USB cable with your ipod. It could be a USB issue.
    2. Get a new battery if you don't fancy paying for another ipod. Sometimes people say an old/weak battery can corrupt ipod and cause it not to function properly.
    3. Use this w/site(http://www.oldapps.com/itunes.php) to try older versions of itunes maybe an earlier version will work for you? I tried as far as using the one in the box from when I bought my ipod in 05 but still have the same problem!
    4. Leave the ipod in for a while after it crashes. Some people said they waited for 2 hourse before iTunes recognised the ipod! I haven't been bothered to do this yet but it may just work.
    5. Keep trying it. Some people have just said eventually the ipod would just randomly sync after they kept trying.

    As old as my ipod is, I think it has another year or 2 before it truly packs out and I think there's something in the new thats corrupted it.
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    I FINALLY managed to get iTunes to recognise & sync my ipod and not freeze.
    Turns out it’s all in formatting!
    1. FORMAT YOUR IPOD. My computer, right click device, format, make sure ''Quick Format'' is checked then click start. This means scrapping everything so make sure you back what’s on your ipod if you haven’t already.
    2. SAFELY REMOVE/EJECT ipod. Leave ipod for a while like 10 mins or so. This is in case it reboots itself.
    3. Plug ipod back in and when it shows 'Do not disconnect' sign hold middle button and play at the same time. This puts ipod in disk mode.
    4. Load iTunes and your ipod shouldn't crash it. It’ll appear as a device so it’s just a case of re-adding your music.

    -I’ve reformatted my ipod 6/7 times so just keep following this process and it should work eventually! There’s no guarantee it will work on the first go. Reformatting it many times doesn’t hurt your ipod because you’re just re-setting the drive.
    -once iTunes has recognised it you shouldn’t have to repeat the process. Once is enough. I did make sure to make sure to uncheck the option of iTunes opening every time I insert my ipod just incase it decided to freeze again in future!
    -I used iTunes to re-add the music and it did so fine. No need to download earlier versions.
    Hope it works, I know how annoying this situation is!