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I bought my iphone 3gs in the states. And I jailbreak it because I'm not an AT&T customer. One day the phone just put itself into the DFU mode! I didn't do anything. So it's black screen. I tried to restore my iphone but I can't. During the restore process, my phone will be white screen for a while and then turn back to black screen again. And then itunes will show the message that my iphone can't be restored. Then I get the error code, sometimes it's 1618, sometimes it's 28 and it even shows 20000 for a few times. But mostly 28, I couldn't find 1618 and 20000 in apple online manual. I check the manual and it seems like 28 represent there's an hardware issue...

iphone 3gs, iOS 4, I'm using iOS 4.0.1 on my iphone