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  • john gabriel Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing here. It is very intermittent now. The tricky thing when you are having problems streaming contet to your Apple TV is that the problem can be a broad range of things. There are too many variables.


    If you are having problems streaming content from your iTunes library, using home sharing, it's very likely that the problem is in your local network. The configuration, the quality of the network your router provides, interferences in the signal etc. or even you Apple TV, what is the least likely, but sometimes can happen. For that, you should test it using a different local network to find out if the problem is really your own local network. Try using it in your friends house once, or a family member, in the same situation that you have been having problems with, that is, streaming from a local library, via iTunes and home sharing.


    Now, if the problem is streaming from Apple's servers, from the iTunes Store and iCloud, the problem could be your ISP, Internet Service Provider, your broad band speed or even the lack of capacity from apple's servers to deal with the quantity of requests it is having in that particular moment. In this last situation, it very likely that the problem is only transitory, simply because the service can't work so unstabel and erratically like this. To stream content in HD, 720p or 1080p you will need a good broad band speed. I don't know the exact number, but I will use my case as an example. I have a 20 Mbits connection and never had problems streaming 720p content. Apple TV never had to stop to rebuffer, in fact, it downloaded the whole movie or TV Show past the point it was playing. Maybe a 10 Mbits or 15 Mbits connection is more than enough too, people in this post who have these speed could tell about their experiences.


    But it could also be your internet service provider, but this is very difficult to happen and very hard to prove. This is the least likely hypothesis ‐ or maybe I'm just too naive. ISP sometimes cap the streaming capabilities of your connection. To learn more about it, read this article:


    In clonclusion, you have to go through each and every one of these variables to find out waht is the real problem. In my case, I never had problems streaming from my local library or Apple's servers, but since last week I have been experiencing problems streaming from their servers, with very slow speeds. So it could be my ISP or Apple's servers. In the meantime, I'm waiting to see if the service comes back to normal before I try to find if it is my ISP. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I think it is resuming its normal behavior. Let's see...

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    We were having the issues reported trying to stream an HD TV series from Apple. Only thing that helped was switching the resolution in the iTunes Store from 1080p to 720p. Now the show starts in a few seconds. There is also a standard definition option as well. Hope this helps.


    BTW - ATV2 connected via ethernet, average 5 to 10MB download speeds. 1080p should work so there is definitely a problem.

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    I too have the same issue ... and its LAN based... i have ran e net from my airport extreme direct to my imac and atv3 and get video stutter (this happens durring the buffer) after the buffer is complete the stuttering stops ... i tried wifi since the e net port is not gigabit and still have the same issue ... my first gen atv never had an issue streaming (yes streaming localy ...not stored on its internal hdd) ... i sent a network diagnostics to them ... i will also call this in and let you know what is said

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    Here too. Brutal Apple. So effing slow.

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    Same problem here. My only guess is that Comcast is screwing with it knowing them.

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    Yup it was Comcast. Changed from Comcast DNS server to Googles and now it's full speed. Comcast should really be sued for this kind of stuff.

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    I am in Calgary, Alberta. Was just saying to my wife last month how the Apple TV has worked flawlessly since working out the initial bugs during the first couple months.  Just discovered during the last couple days,...slow, slow, slow.   Netflix and youtube used to load fairly quick, no problems at all, its not even usable.  Did the latest update lastnight, improvements.   My Sony blu-ray with wifi streaming both Netflix and youtube no problem on the same network. Even tried ethernet on the Apple TV, no improvement,....very strange.  Please apple, fix this.  Anyone have any up to date insight on this ??

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    Ok so i just got off the phone with apple tier 2 and after all that they are sending me a new apple tv ... which i know wont fix the issue ... but if by some miracle its just that we have bad units i will let you know ... currently i am waiting to hear back from them for labeling and return instructions ... please call in and report your issues because she said they do not read these forums ... i will update this when im done... im a little ****** because i had to wait a week and answer the same questions that i did in my initial trouble shooting ... for 100 dollors they waisted more man hours on me then the product costs... i asked to speak to an engineer and i was told no that she is the point of contact

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    Your solution worked for me as well. As soon as I removed the the power from the DirectTV wireless adapter and rebooted the router, the ATV started working perfectly. I went as far as upgrading my ISP connection because of this problem. That had no effect, except to my wallet.


    I find it hard to believe all the people in this forum have DTV, so my conclusion is that other devices are causing the ATV to lock up. I'm not sure the devices on other people's network, but there must be some common protocol hitting the network thats causing this. I may put a sniffer on the network and try to see whats actually causing this on the network.


    Thanks for your suggestion.

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    I have quite a bit of movies on iMac and I have been streaming them since atv2 came out. I have notice that there has been a problem since an update of the atv2. I am having a laggy movie problem. I have taken the apple tv in to the genius bar and they just replace the atv2 for the streaming issue. The priblem was not fixed. I just dont know what the deal is. It is a local thing it has nothing to do with ISP. Why I say that is that all the files I'm steaming are local, and I'm having the same problems stream to my iPad. I have a mid 2011 27" iMac, the latest airport extrem( just little over 1 month old) and a brand new aptv2 I just got from apple genius on Friday ( two days ago).  I will go back and talk to them and find out what the dealieo is and get back to you guys cause this really blows!!


    Thanks Mike

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    I may return mine and just go with Roku.  Very disappointed.  Why doesn't anybody from Apple make a comment on this subject?

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    Agreed - Apple need to step up to this - and help us solve this problem.


    Same issue - can stream U Tubes off my mac or ipad from the internet to the TV and all ok - but cant stream locally stored (on mac and ipad)  m4v movies - it takes about three or four minutes to load and start playing then it keeps stopping every minute or so and has to buffer some more content....

    Network router is super fast

    Mac is the latest

    Ipad 2 and 3  - same results no matter what source device I use.

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    Unfortunately apple do not read these forums but you can leave feed back for them via the apple tv page


    Something I tried last weekend (during in peak time 20:00) was noticed trailers slow again so would of had a mare downloading a movie, is re-started apple tv


    After the re-start no issues!!!

    Back to where we was and nice and fast




    And scroll down

    Not sleep !!!

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    Thanks But in my case I am not streaming from the internet only from my Macbook Pro or Ipad - with a fast router. What we have managed to establish is that once the movie buffers a bit and then starts to play - If i then press the pause button for a few minutes - that allows more buffering to occur - which in turn allows the movie to play with less interruption happening.Which would tend to point to the performance of the LAN (or the Apple TV) - All devices are close to each other...

    and there is one last suspicious item in the network...the Bigpond wireless router (ADSL2 one they give you) Supposed to be fast - but why is it that a mate has exactly the same problem and has the same wireless network router - Back to a decent electronics store I think! (and I could check the smae router using a LAN cable taking the wireless out of the equation)


    and if getting a new router does not work then all suspicion has to fall back onto the Apple TV

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    It seems that connecting the Apple TV directly to my cable modem completely eliminates the issue. I've had the buffereing issue on AppleTV 2 and 3 now using both a Linksys router as well as 2 seperate Apple Airport Xtreme routers a gen 1 and a gen 5. I've tried both WiFi as well as cabled connections to the router.


    I don't believe the issue is with any specific network hardware, but something in how the AppleTV functions on the network.


    I will continue to troubleshoot the issue.


    I know this isn't optimal but try to




    This is a temp fix until Apple fixes it or comes out with some type of configuration fix for the modem hardware.