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I am a new iphone 4 16gb user recently, i find out something really weird with my iphone especially with the ring/silent switch. when i turn the switch to silent mode, the phone did not give me any vibration alert as it used to be. i have gone to sound settings and see that the vibration setting for silent and ring is on. from my experience, the phone should give vibration alert once when we turn the phone into silent mode, but my didn't. next, what i did is turn the switch back to ring mode and put it back to silent mode and the phone start to vibrate again. so, in conclusion, whenever i turn my iphone to silent mode via the ring/silent switch and if the phone doesn't give me the vibration alert, i have to retry again. by putting it back to ring mode and then switch it back to silent mode just to see whether the phone is vibrating or not. i find it weird and go for a replacement ASAP today. however, the replacement also have the same issue as the previous one.

so far, this issue has happened to the replacement phone twice. i had tried the apps called ibrate as what others suggested out there. i have the ibrate on for couple minutes and tapped the right corner of the phone. what i want to know is, is anybody out here have the same issue like me? is my iphone 4 acting normal or maybe there is hardware issue with the phone? will this issue happen again even after i use ibrate? that is all i want to know. people, please answer me immediately. thank you.


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    Restore the phone in iTunes as a new iPhone, WITHOUT USING A BACKUP.
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    sorry, i forgot to tell you all that, i got the replacement phone in version 4.0.2. the issue happened for the first time on my way back home and the version was still 4.0.2 that time. then, when i reach home, i set it as a new phone because itunes told me that i can't install the back up straight away. this due to my previous phone was in version 4.1. it told me that i should update the replacement phone to version 4.1 first in order to be able to install the back up from previous iphone. next what happen is, the phone automatically synced itself with itunes (only apps was installed). I didn't stop the sync process though. i just wait for it to finish, then what i did is update the version to 4.1 after it finish syncing. next what i did is, restore the phone back because i thought i still can install the back up from my previous phone. however, what happen next is beyond my expectation, itunes only able to give me the back up that i have from version 4.0.2.(not the back up from the previous 4.1) and then that's when the second time this issue happen when i try to switch the phone to silent via the switch. Please somebody help me with this issue and thanks for replying.

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    I have same problem here,but adready fixed

    The vibrate motor locate on the topleft of the phone,for some reason its stucks,so try to slap it and run the ibrate app (free) from appstore.

    I think a bunch of peoples here got this problem

    Hope this help
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    i did it already. i left the apps on for 2 to 3 mins. but i think i slap the wrong place already. i wonder if this is normal. anybody know why the vibration motor stuck? i hope this issue won't happen anymore though..
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    I dont know how old is ur phone,if you bring this to Apple store they will replace the phone 4 you with no charge,but the replacement is the referb one
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    i have tried the ring/silent switch from the moment i post this thread until now. so far, the issue has gone. i really hope it has. the replacement phone which i have in possession right now is not even a day. i still have the warranty. i live in singapore, we did have apple store, but for iphone replacement, we need to go to our service provider. i really have a bad time explaining the situation to them as i can't show them how the problem is. i never know when the issue is going to happen again. i can tell them how it happens but its not 100% they will believe me.

    i already have the feeling that the replacement will be a refurb. i asked the guy at the service provider about it. yet, he declined. LOL.

    i can only hope the issue will not happen again.. anyway, can you explain to me, why and how the motor can get stuck? i never drop the phone or have the phone accidentally hit with something. i have it not even a day. Really, thanks a lot vietjr. i really appreciate your reply.
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    viet jr, may i know how your issue happen? how old is your iphone?
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    My iPhone has same problem,brought it to Apple Store,the tech says the vibrate motor does not working,the phone need to be replace,but out of stock,then i have to wait for couple days.
    But during those couple days i found the guide somewhere online to fix this,and the problem fixed,and i know lots of peoples have this issue.

    After that i still went to Apple store to replace my phone,and they gave me the phone in the blank black box,its looks like brand new with the plastic seal on it.
    I got the phone and went home to check serial number,i found it that referbished phone,i should'n replace it but i dont know how long the motor gonna last???

    I got my new iPhone 4 on Sep-30,the phone problem itseft,disappoint!!!!!
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    i see, i also disappointed with this. i really dont like this feeling, i thought the replacement is going to be ok, i never expect it to bear the same problem with the previous one. talking about refurb phones, yeah, the guy in service provider also give me the replacement that came from a black box and plastic seal. by the way, how do u check whether an iphone 4 is a refurb? is there a difference in serial number? and, if many people have this kind of problem. that means apple quality control seriously has been degrading...
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    viet jr, from ur story, i see that ur first one have a vibration motor issue. i forgot to ask u, but do u have vibration motor problem with your replacement iphone as well?? if yes, this will be really ridiculous..
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    viet, did u check ur phone vibration feature on the spot when u buy ur iphone 4 for the first time? did it vibrate back then? for my case, when i purchased the first one, i did check the phone switch and vibration. the phone can vibrate. but after some time of usage, my first phone vibration failed me. it sometimes give me the vibrate alert when i switch it to silent and sometimes not.and if it doesnt give me that vibrating alert, i will have to retry again by switching it back to ring mode and then to silent mode again just to see the phone give me that vibration alert. that is why i go for a replacement, and its funny that the replacement also have this problem.i even double check the replacement phone already before i replace it. the phone vibrate when i am still in the store. but on the way back home, that is when it started to act like the previous one..

    and just to let u know, after i use the ibrate. now the phone can vibrate when i turn the silent switch to silent mode. yet, sometimes i still can feel that it doesnt vibrate straight away. it did vibrate, but its like there's a delay after i pulled the switch. then i retry again. but the 2nd attempt shows that the phone vibrate straight away without a delay.. i retry and retry again, 3 to 4 times and theres no delay. the phone straight away give me vibrate alert when i turn it to silent mode. really weird. somehow, i really wish this is only a software issue..

    anyway, thanks again for ur reply viet. it really helps me, at least i know that theres this kind of problem out there. and for the rest of you that read this thread, please help me with this if u have any clue on whats happening to my phone.. i will really appreciate it. thanks..
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    I have almost similar problem, well, about this silent switch.

    I got my iPhone 4 16GB 2 days ago.
    My problem is the iPhone doesn't go silent right away after I switch it to silent mode. It takes about 6-7 seconds (I use stopwatch), then it go to silent mode (the slashed ringer logo appeared, sounds stop, vibration work just fine).
    If I switch to normal again, it go right away without delay.

    Other problem is, whenever the phone in silent mode, and I turn the phone to sleep mode, sometimes it vibrate once. No notification, no sms, no phonecall, etc, it just vibrate without reason. It happen quite often.
    This problem never happen in normal mode.

    Is this hardware problem or software problem? I'm gonna restore it from fresh, not from backup. But before that, I really curious what cause the problem...
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    hi there mysteryE. sorry, but i need to ask u one thing? u said, u need to wait 6 to 7 secs just for the slashed ringer to appear on the screen and the vibration alert? mine doesnt take that long and it also vibrate. anyway, from what u told me on ur reply. i think its more likely a software issue. the reason is, when i connect my iphone with my mbp or plug it into the power outlet, the vibration alert come straight away when i switch the phone to silent mode. this shows that, whenever our phone is in sleep mode for quiet sometimes, the os hibernates and when we suddenly switch the phone to silent mode (phone still sleep), it will take time for the os to wake up (screen blank doesnt mean that the os is not working) and command the vibration motor to vibrate (the os control the hardware). i cant guarantee that as not all people experiencing something like this. vietjr, me and u got this. most people's issue is about their phones wont vibrate at all and they need apps called "ibrate" to stimulate their iphone's vibration motor in order to make it work. but u can try this, let ur phone sleep for 20 to 30 mins. then switch the iphone to silent mode straight away (do not press the sleep/wake button yet!!), see how long it takes to vibrate. then, when it already does, quickly press the sleep/wake button, now the screen is on. i believe u will see the slashed ringer icon on ur iphone screen. that is what i did with my phone and thats why i came up with a conclusion that it is software issue eventhough its not guaranteed. my previous iphone 4 also has a delay when i switch it to silent mode. back then, i thought it was hardware issue, i went to my service provider to have replacement. however, when i already have my replacement, the replacement which is my iphone right now, also have the same condition. i think, its hardly to have different iphone 4, with different badge to have same issue. dont u think so? anyway, have u try the apps called "ibrate" urself? if u havent, go try it ahead. leave the apps on for few mins and see if that faster the vibration alert when u go to silent mode. tell me if it does.. try my suggestion and the ibrate. see if anything change. Good luck.

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    Hello there, Henry. Thanks for your reply.

    To be honest, I think it's more than software problem. First of all, I've restore it to completely fresh installation, not from backup. And the silent switch still not functioning properly.

    I've tried your method, and the result as for now, it takes longer for the slashed ringer appear. It's about 9-10 secs now.
    These are the time needed for the phone to get into silent mode (in my experiment):

    1. When in homescreen: yesterday about 7-8 secs, today 9-10 secs.
    2. When in sleep mode: varies between 20-90 secs! (***??)

    And yes Henry, the sudden vibration problem that I said in my previous post was caused by the slashed ringer icon appeared again. Whenever my phone in sleep mode AND in silent mode, sometimes it vibrate once and when I press the home/power button, I can see the slashed ringer appear again! So that's means the phone suddenly go to normal mode then go to silent again! And it happens quite often!

    I think the REAL problem is when the phone in silent mode. Nothing's wrong when it in normal mode.


    Oh, about iBrate, yes I've tried it yesterday, but only for 2-3 minutes. Nothing's changed.
    I will try it longer this time. I'll report it right away if I found some changes.


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