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Hello All!

I would like to play my recorded class lectures with my laptop while I do stuff in the kitchen.
I figured iPhone + PoweBook G4 = Win. (I would like to have the sound coming though the more substantial laptop speakers as the recordings are kind of faint).

I've tried many ways to make this happen and have discovered this to be a bit more of a challenge then I thought possible.

What I've tried so far...
*I tried connecting the iPhone audio-out to the PowerBook's audio-in, and then going to the sound settings and changing the audio-in source from the internal mic to the audio line-in port. That would have worked, except the type of audio line-in port that a PowerBook G4 has is designed for an active (powered) sound signal such as from a battery powered mic, not a passive sound signal such as from an iPod. Bugger.

*I discovered there is something called an iMic that plugs into the USB port and allows for passive sound input. I don't own one and cant go to the store right now. Moving on.

*I connected the iPhone using the white iPhone USB cable. Nothing.

*I opened iTunes so iTunes would detect the iPhone. This part worked. After poking around for a while, I discovered there's a little drop-down arrow next to the small iPhone icon which displays the categories of the iPhone (music, photos, videos, voice memos, etc.). All my music and class voice memos were viewable, but ghosted out and unplayable. So close yet so far away...

*I authorized the computer using my AppleID, disconnected the iPhone and restarted iTunes and reconnected the iPhone. Everything on the iPhone was still ghosted out.


So, over an hour and a half later, I'm turning to you guys. Is what I want to do (play a sound from my iPhone to my laptop >.> ) even possible without using the iMic? Third party software maybe?

Thanks for any help!

P.S. (the Mac specs in my signature are for a different machine then the PowerBook G4 I'm currently talking about)

Beige G3 tower with G4 processor, Mac OS X (10.3.x), Powered by Wild Nacatls
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    Your PowerBook is running 10.5.8 and if so, is this the computer you sync your iPhone with?

    If yes to both, you can sync iPhone voice memos with iTunes on the PowerBook - transferring the voice memos to your iTunes library to listen to the voice memos with iTunes on the PowerBook. This is selected under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes > Include voice memos. This will create an iTunes playlist automatically named Voice Memos.
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    I'm using OS 10.4.11. My laptop is not the computer I normally sync with my iPhone. My desktop computer is the computer I sync with my iPhone. So, this method won't quite work.

    Good idea though.
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    I found an application called "Linein" that allows the Mac OS to play passive-sound on the internal speakers from the laptops active-sound line-in port. The sound seems a bit quiet, and the 'input level' sensitivity has to be turned all the way up (probably because a passive-sound is being sent to a sound capture circuit that's designed for powered-sound input), but what ever.

    It's a simple and free application that creates a 'pass thru' function which sends the sound from the line-in port to the computers internal speakers.

    Hope this post helps others.