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I connected my windows formatted ipod to a friend's pc today to copy a video onto the drive, then ejected the safely remove option from the dock and disconnected the ipod.
Then the ipod rebooted, and the apple logo just stayed there, it wouldnt shut off. I reset the ipod, repeatedly, perhaps a half a dozen times in a single press, and no go.
I connected it to the computer again, no.
reset it again while connected, nothing.
so i gave up and put it into my bag, and when i took it out a few hours later the screen was still on with the apple logo shining brightly. shortly after that the battery died.

Then I downloaded itunes to another friend's pc, connected the ipod and got the 'please wait very low battery' message. after a little while, the apple logo came back on, ...and got stuck again. It wont show up in itunes at all.
I left it charging for about at least a half an hour, then unplugged it and the screen went blank- it hadnt been charging at all.

Plugged it back in and got the very low battery message again for a while, and now the apple logo is back on, and its still not showing up in itunes. Oops, now its back to the very low battery again. Still plugged in.

I am not travelling at the moment with my own macbook pro and its music library.

Any suggestions?
Thanks! Neptune.

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