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Ok, I have seen the warning pop up message with red bars that says "warning, this site is suspected...". Today, I saw a new one with either cancel or ok. I hit cancel thinking it would not the page. But, the page loaded anyway (probably should have hit ok instead). Honestly, I knew something was wrong so I closed the page as fast as possbile. I reset Safari with all boxes checkmarked.
I was going a google search on "outside double spotlight repair" or something like that and clicked on one of the resulting pages.
As I understand it, there really is NO virus or spyware out there for macs. Also, one must actually install the offending virus or spyware and enter password to actually put it on a mac. And lastly, Mac OS has a limited AV built in, so, bottom line..I should be ok??

With the exception of iTunes, all is up to date, including Flash Player.

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