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    I, for one, would like to see it somewhere in this forum as "this is the most updated copy" verison.
    It really answers lots of questions.
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    What about creating a new topic in User Tips: "Klaus1's Guide to AV software" or something like that? Then, you could post in its entirity when thens get updated. Yes, could be long, but it would keep it more towards the top. One note, maybe you could give a version number to each using the date so a user could compare in case they saved more than one copy

    Example "KGAV 10.11.2010"

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    I'll see what can be done - thanks for your encouragement!
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    Since each "update" is a repeat, updated, or revision of the last posted version, one would just need to goto the "last" post to find the most recent updated verison. Then, you could just point people to that post.
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    I have now updated my User Tip on Viruses, Trojan Detection and Removal, as well as general Internet Privacy:
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    This has been happening for me just recently, 12/2012... EVERY TIME I CLICK ON A WEBSITE, I get: WARNING: SUSPECTED PHISHING SITE.


    At first, I thought it was valid, but when I saw that it was doing it before EVERY page, I knew that something was wrong. I read through your comments from the past, but saw no indications of what is causing the problem or how to fix it.


    I have a macbook 10.5.8, & I use Safari. Never had this before.


    Can anyone tell me what I need to do?


    I may have changed a few things in System Preferences... and...


    I have copied & pasted the email addresses from my spam to block in Yahoo mail to see if that makes any difference. Probably not, as they are constantly changing email addresses, but thought I would try.


    That is all that I know that I have done.


    And now this is constant & annoying & I don't know what websites that I can trust.


    Please help.


    I haven't use this site much. Will I get an email to let me know if anyone responds? Or do I have to try to come back here to check for replies?


    Thanks again!

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