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I move the default iTunes folder to a location outside Windows "My Music". Until today I haven't added any videos. Everytime I start iTunes it automatically re-creates a new iTunes folder in My Music.

The issue is now if I manually try to sync videos, itunes gives me the following message "The iPad __ is synched with another iTunes Library. Do you want to erase this iPad and sync with another libary?" (Obviously iTunes finds my preference location for iTunes and the default that it creates everytime I startup iTunes.)

I'm trying to maintain control of what content is synched with the iPad, but this issue of iTunes has to be a sub-folder of My Music is fairly annoying. I make the change to preferences and that setting persists but everytime I open iTunes it re-creates the folder.

I guess the only solution is to put iTunes in My Music and leave it alone ??
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    It sounds like your problem is that you have not told iTunes where you have moved your music. In "Preferences" > "Advanced" > "iTunes Media folder Location" you need to select the folder in it's new location. Once this is set iTunes will look for that folder at launch and will maintain your library from that location. Hope this helps.
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    However, it is really an inconvenience to be unable to sync with another library. I don't understand why it is not possible, for instance using the itunes store account.
    i travel a lot and sometimes, for quite a long time. I don't have all my music or apps or films on my macbook, because it has a limited memory. But sometimes, I may want to free space on my ipad for something I want to buy or for docs I need to work on. But since it is not possible to sync with different libraries without erasing the content that is not on the library of the macbook, I can't.

    Also right now, I am visiting my parents in the countryside in France (I live in Spain), the mobile signal is weak and anyway, 3G is very expensive in roaming. and there is no wifi. My father has an internet connection, but only through firewire.I would like to buy books for my ipad but I can't because I can't use my mcbook to do so.
    I had similar experiences when I travelled to Malaysia recently. It's really frustrating.
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    I have my situation sorted out. I read a few articles online about moving iTunes to a removable drive. Using those instructions I now have iTunes ( & Media Library ) on the drive and location I wanted. I left the empty iTunes folder in My Music since I'm reluctant to remove it in case iTunes needs that as a dependency to startup.