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I bought the 8 gb ipod touch recently for 170 euro's. And i am very dissapointed for several reasons.

- the store manager assured me it was a 3rd generation ipod touch, which it was not.
after some research it appeared to be a 2g, do you guys tell your outlets to sell the ipod touch as a 3rd generation? if not, it was bought at the store:MediaMarkt city:Ede, country:Holland... please do something about it, before they con another customer

- somewhat later i found out that the 2g is subjective to old technology (an inferior processor, to its 16gb brother that looks exact the same, and usage of opengl 1 architecture). please dont sell old technology that you KNOW your new apps will not support several months later.

you can imagine how dissapointed i am now.

this is my 1st apple, I like the UI, i like everything about it.. please do not let it be my last.

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    Welcome to the forums, keysers0zeh. I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. Realize that we are not Apple employees (as far as I know, anyways) but just owners like you who volunteer our time trying to help others.

    I know there has been much confusion and misrepresentation about the "8gb 3rd gen" which according to [Apples site|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1353] doesn't exist, although I honestly don't know the history of how that advertising got started.

    If you recently purchased it, and you can prove through the site's advertising that it was represented as a 3rd gen and the link above that it is not, perhaps you can return it and get a newer 4th gen 8gb, which really is a 4th gen?

    Sorry for you disappointment, but I'm not sure it was Apple's doing or just confusion as sellers assumed it was 3rd gen. Perhaps others know more about that.

    Hope that helps.
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    Sorry Sally, I was under the assumption that there were Apple emloyees on the Apple Forum. I'll take my dissapointment elsewhere. Thanks for your quick kind answer!
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    I looked it up because I have the same thing and bought it in WALMART USA. It says 3G 8 GIG but it has partial 3G and parital 2G. OPERATING SYSTEMS its actually a 2G with 3G up Grades. for instance it has a platform that is specific to it and its listed in the history OR timeline of the IPOD. It has a few itmes that says it's a 3G. I am like you. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.. Mainly because I FEEL DUPED. I wanted a 3G, THOUGHT I WAS BUYING A 3G AND WAS LIED TO. a multi billion dollar business and they opt to do this?????? doesn't make sense.
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    Ah, there are more like me it seems.
    Thought id give an update since my last post.

    Both Apple and Mediamarkt(store) agreed to give me a new ipod 4g, at the moment they are fighting over who's going to pay for it because i made more people aware of this scam. I urged them to call me tommorow and give me a solution since i have nothing to do with this fight. I just want to have what i was promised.

    Hope you get the same or even better solution there in America.