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the issues ive been having and ive searched the internet all over for a solution. i start the sync process for my music to sync and when it goes to the backup process it will finish that then itunes with come up with the error. also came into the issue that it actually started but when it said it was done my music would start then my screen would blink a bunch of times an then shut the ipod off. ive downloaded bout 10 different versions of itunes to try and resolve this issue but still not answer. if anyone could help me that would be greatful. please help!

ipod touch 3rd gen, Windows 7
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    Welcome to the discussions.

    Try this:

    1)Connect your ipod to iTunes. Update your ipod to have the latest software.
    2)Unplug your ipod from iTunes. Reset it by holding down the Home and Sleep button (or whatever combo you need for your generation ipod) until you see the Apple logo.
    3)Reboot your computer and turn off all antivirus, spyware, zone alarm etc software.
    4)Connect your ipod. Right click on your device in iTunes and choose to Reset error messages.
    5)Sync but don't include your music.

    Does it sync okay? Then try adding some songs and see how it goes. If you do get an error message, tell us exactly what it says.

    Hope this helps.