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We run Logic using Protools (software v8) hardware HD2 . We were running version 8 of Logic with no problems. We recently aquired Logic 9 which seems a little unstable, a few DAE errors and then regular crashing. We upgraded to 9.1 and then DAE stopped working entirely. You select the DAE and TDM options in the audio settings then it informs you that you need to relaunch logic which we then do. When relaunched the options are unselected again. This happens repeatedly. Incidentally I have tried reinstalling the software from scratch.

Has DAE/DTDM support been broken in this update?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • christianobermaier Level 3 Level 3
    No. Not broken. Canceled entirely.

  • mrbroad Level 1 Level 1
    really? so is there anything official on this? I know avid have stopped supporting in 8.03 of protools, I suppose this is Apples response then!
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    Ok - same story here. This is VERY odd. Why is the option then available in the pref? So - I won't be able to access my Digidesign hardware (ins and outs) from Logic - I know I can get 8 ins and 8 outs via Digi Core Audio, but still...

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    Mac OS X

    Avid end of support announcement: Logic Audio and Digital Performer in DAE mode with Pro Tools|HD [363063]

    Logic Audio and Digital Performer in DAE mode with Pro Tools|HD
    Avid end of support announcement: Logic Audio and Digital Performer in DAE mode with Pro Tools|HD
    Pro Tools HD 8.0.3 Software (released December 15, 2009) and future versions will no longer support or be qualified with Apple's Logic Audio or Motu's Digital Performer running in DAE mode. Users of both applications can still take advantage of Pro Tools CoreAudio drivers and use the Pro Tools|HD system as a hardware I/O.

    Pro Tools HD 8.0.1 Software will continue to be made available in its current qualified form to Avid and Apple customers who are using Logic Audio or Digital Performer in DAE mode for the foreseeable future. Additionally, product and support documentation will continue to be maintained on the Support Section of the website.

    Q: Is there a plan to reinstate DAE support for Logic Audio or Digital Performer?
    A: Avid has no plans for continued third party DAE support or qualification with and beyond Pro Tools 8.0.3 software. Please note that both sequencer applications continue to work using CoreAudio drivers for the Pro Tools|HD system.

    Q: Will Avid continue to provide CS bug fixes for 8.0.1 and earlier software releases?
    A: The company will continue to monitor the performance of 8.0.1 after its release and may offer CS software updates if necessary.

    Q: Will Avid continue to offer phone support for HD customers running Logic Audio or Digital Performer?
    A: Phone support pertaining to the Pro Tools|HD hardware and Pro Tools software will continue to be available. Avid Customer Support also offers additional Support Assurance services to enhance after-sales support. These services extend technical support for hardware and software products with one of two levels of enhanced telephone support and repair/replacement coverage.

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