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When I started hearing about Podcasting, I heard a description that included not only automatically getting the content from the Internet but also getting them automatically downloaded onto the iPod. I have yet to experince that pleasure. I strictly use my iPod for voice podcasts.

Statement from Apple's website:
The Autofill feature of iTunes will not add audiobooks and podcasts to iPod shuffle. Instead, you should manually add audiobooks and podcasts to iPod shuffle by dragging them to the iPod shuffle playlist.

Why can't we have a checkbox in iTunes to automatically put new podcasts onto my iPod when received? Having to wait in the mornings while the new content gets dumped onto the player seems agonizingly slow.

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    Auto-download podcasts to iPod. Connect iPod, change prefs in iTunes

    To auto download podcasts you must connect your ipod, Then in the itunes preferences you can change settings for that ipod. As of iTunes 5 (maybe earlier) you can select "Edit/Preferences" then click the "iPod" tab. Now there are "Lower tabs" and one of the lower tabs is "Podcasts".

    If all your podcasts can fit at once, select the radio button (circle with a dot) for "Automatically update all Podcats" and next to update (near the botton) set the selection box (drop down box) to "Only unplayed episodes" (makes navigation easy on the iPod).

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