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So.. I do get an error message saying that a session could not be started with the iPod, or as it says in Swedish "iTunes kunde inte säkerhetskopiera iPod-enheten "namn's iPod" eftersom en session inte kunde startas med iPod".

The iPod does show up in iTunes and I can view all my music, apps and stuff, but when I try to sync it I just get the error message.

Why is that?! I haven't dared to do any drastic things such as rebooting my PC or iPod since I know I'll probably loose everything on both, but I did restart everything, erase the earlier safetycopy of the iPod and such.

I have tried to google an solution but have only found similar questions with no answer.

Help me out, please! The iPod is only 2,5 months old, this can't be the end!

Compaq, Windows Vista