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So.. I do get an error message saying that a session could not be started with the iPod, or as it says in Swedish "iTunes kunde inte säkerhetskopiera iPod-enheten "namn's iPod" eftersom en session inte kunde startas med iPod".

The iPod does show up in iTunes and I can view all my music, apps and stuff, but when I try to sync it I just get the error message.

Why is that?! I haven't dared to do any drastic things such as rebooting my PC or iPod since I know I'll probably loose everything on both, but I did restart everything, erase the earlier safetycopy of the iPod and such.

I have tried to google an solution but have only found similar questions with no answer.

Help me out, please! The iPod is only 2,5 months old, this can't be the end!

Compaq, Windows Vista
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    Hi and welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Have you ever successfully synced the iPod touch with that computer?

    Make sure the iPod is directly connected to a USB port on the computer, not a USB hub, monitor, or keyboard.
    Also, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on the PC. You can download it from here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/.

    If the issue persists after directly connecting the iPod and updating iTunes, try the general tips in this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1207.

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    Thanks for answering but none of that would work. I keep getting the messages saying it won't sync.
    The iPod works perfectly fine otherwise, it's just the fact that I simply can't get iTunes to sync..

    Updated iTunes & the got the version on the iPod , but nothing has changed..
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    Don't know if you've gotten an answer to this yet, but I was having this exact same problem with my 4th gen iPod touch (a session could not be started with the iPod Touch). I went through the steps Apple gave, about deleting the saved back up file and syncing the iPod again, but that didn't work either, i couldn't restore to factory settings because it need to back up, which it couldn't do.

    What finally worked was that I completely shut the iPod down, you know holding down the button on the top to power it off, and I let the iPod restart and then connected it to my computer to sync it, and no more error message. Because I had already deleted my back up file, it took a few minutes because it had to create a new one....but the error message is gone and the sync went through perfectly.

    Hope this helps.
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    my ipods doing the exact same thing too and it wont sync no matter what i try to do help me.

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    Try connecting your ipod to another computer and sync only 1 file or song just for isolation purpose only to see if it'll sync.


    If still not syncing, then porbably you may have a bad iOS installed in iPod which is hard to see if it has a problem because you said nothing's wrong with iPod. I just saying is, it MIGHT have a bad iOS.


    If you are unable to do a restore, put your ipod in DFU mode, then connect to iTunes and iTunes will detect your ipod in restore mode. Press shift key (PC keyboard) then click the restore button on iTunes. I hope you have your copy of IPSW file for restoration purposes.