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  • Troy1966 Level 1 (0 points)

    Not sure if all the options have been tried but under your Sounds Setting there is an option to turn off the use of the Volume Rockers on the side of the iphone 4. But just in case, I turned down the Volume all the way:) Cuz that'll be a real buzz-kill!

  • cermer Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok the good thing about being able to turn off the phone and have the alarm is that when you have very law battery and no access to a charger and you still want to be able to wake up. Airplane mode still consumes energy whereas turning off the phone consumes nothing. Plain simple.

    We just got to admit it. Iphone is stupid and we have to find tricks to make it better. Or wait for someone else to make a phone that can compete with it. Unfortunuattly there isnt any. yet So we are stuck with it

  • mrwheels Level 1 (20 points)

    Hey guys and girls,


    People have different opinions about politics, religion, and MOST of all their iPhones.  And Lord knows the iPhone is the most important thing to have rude, food slinging fights about on the Internet.


    Why on Earth does it matter to you if someone else prefers the phone to be powered off at night or not?  It's totally a personal choice, and it has no effect on anyone except the individual.  I'm astounded at the rudeness here .... I suspect not one of you would talk to anyone face-to-face with the same level of derision and contempt that I see here.  But, I suppose, on the anonymous world of the Internet, it's ok to be as hostile and rude as you wish.


    You should all apologize to one another, and find something worthwhile to put your energies into.  Perhaps invent a new battery, find the origins of the Holy Scriptures, or be elected to public office and help your neighbors have a better life.


    Peace and prosperity to you all.


    Jerry Mendes, the adult in the room

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    I think that is due to the fact that an smart phone is a small computer. You cant operate a computer without loading have to wait a while before you can do anything with iphone after you turn it on.without the os loaded the iphone cant tell the alarm to go off. I dont know how apple can overcome this. Thats why a dumb phone can do it; they dont need an os to function

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    There is no good reason the iPhone can't automatically turn on or off...plenty of smartphones can, including my last one (blackberry), especially since all of my apple computers can.

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    Imagine this: You were in a concert and thought that you turned your phone off. And suddenly your alarm went off. That's just not a good idea. I prefer when I turn off my phone, and expecting the phone is fully off... However, it would be nice if we can set auto turn on/off for the iPhone as I would love to use them as an alarm (Which I will have to keep them on) and turn it off during the night...

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