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Hi. I used Finder and drag-and-drop to copy a DVD movie to my hard drive. To do this, I created a new folder with the name of the movie. I then dragged-and-dropped the video_ts and audio_ts files from the DVD to the folder. The result is that the movie folder has two sub-folders, one for video_ts and one for audio_ts. Inside the sub-folders are all the bup, ifo and vob files. I can point Apple DVD Player or VLC media player to the movie folder, and both play the movie just fine.

I then used Disk Utility to create an iso file from the movie folder on the hard drive. After opening Disk Utility, I did File > New > Disk Image From Folder, and pointed it to the movie folder (not to a sub-folder). I selected DVD/CD Master as the image format then clicked Save. It produced a file with a .cdr extension. Apple DVD Player would not play the resulting movie. VLC plays the movie, but video only - there is no sound?

Any advice on how to create an iso file from the movie that actually works? Thank you.

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