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Hi, im thinking about buying the atv2, but I dont have an hdtv, I just want to stream my stuff to my tv lol, it only has composite/rca entries and Im not sure if the atv2 will work with it, i mean i know it wont work out of the box, but im not sure what converters/adapters I can get to guarantee it will work, Im not really in the position to buy another tv right now

Ive read some posts on this, but nothing seems guaranteed, I just wanna buy whatever I need for it to work so i can buy the apple tv2


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    Apple TV2 only has HDMI. The older apple tv would work it has composite connections.
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    Eah, but I don't really see the point in me investing in an older device, I'm just looking for adapters or converters so I could hook up the new one to a non hdmi tv
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    Apple support says that an HDMI to Component cable "should" work with ATV2 but is not supported by Apple.

    Then Apple support said, "it may or may not work-"

    SO far, it doesn't work. Ideas?
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    I looked into this and downconverting a digital signal (HDMI) to an analog signal (composite) requires a very expensive converter box. I'm talking like $200. Not worth it. Find a cheap used HDTV.
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    If your TV is digital, you will not need any special boxes but you will need some sort of HDMI to composit/rca converter and if it does not have the audio plugs you will most likely have to use the optical digital audio. If you do not have optical in your home theater/stereo, then I guess you would be out of luck.

    A more expensive option would be to use a Mac Mini. You may be able to get away with an Airport Extreme, but I dont enough about them to be certain.

    Good luck!
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    I've tried using the CE Labs HSC11 HDMI-to-Composite Scaler ($149) with the 2nd Gen AppleTV. No luck. The video is output only into grayscale. I spoke with Tech Support at the company that I purchased it from (HDTV Supply) and they agree that this is not a solution to this issue and have offered a full refund.