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I've an issue with a Canon UFR2 printer driver (v2.10):

- installed on a xserve 10.6.4 : no problem
- installed on a Imac 10.6.4 : no problem (except with the SpecialFeaturesPDE.plugin but if I delete this file, it works)
- installed on a Imac via Xserve with WGM, I can't print, I have a pop-up : "illegal ticket -30891". The doc is in the queue (I can see it queue manager) but the printer is paused and everytime I try to print the pop-up comes back.

Any ideas ?



imac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Hello Laurent and welcome to Apple Discussions.

    The Canon UFRII driver cannot be used with WGM. Many years ago I informed Canon INC of this issue and their reply was that they do not support this type of driver deployment. In testing I've never managed to get it working. The Canon PPD works fine as there is no dependency of plugins. But the UFRII and PS3 driver do not appear to be compatible with WGM.

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    Thanks a lot, I will try install this printer locally instead with WGM