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I run a small business with 2 iMacs. I have an alphabetically based folder system with a separate folder for each customer within in a "letter" folder (A,B,C etc) within which I store a variety of word pdf jpg files etc.
Over the years of my work the number of customers has now exceeded 10,000.
In the last year or so when I try to open the base folder and then the "letter" folders from a local networked machine, the Finder (variably) protests and drops back to the base folder. I cant access any of the nested folders or their data.
Is this a limitation of the Finder in terms of the number of dependent folders accessible across a local network?
I thought upgrading to Snow Leopard might fix it but the problem persists with both machines running OS 10.6.4
Any way around it? Do I need a dedicated server and associated software? There is only me and my secretary in the office.
Th system works fine from within the "home" computer

Intel imac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)