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I am a SOHO user of a mac mini server which is sitting behind my wireless router.

I have a Netgear ReadyNAS storage device connected to my network via Ethernet.

My mac mini server controls DHCP on the network and the ReadyNAS is assigned a static internal IP address.

Web is also enabled on my mac mini server and I am able to access my website on www.myserver.com over the internet. As specified by Apple all relevant ports are forwarded on my router to my mac mini’s internal IP.

The ReadyNAS has its own web front end that I would like to access remotely.

Does anybody know how I can configure my mac mini server to enable remote access to the ReadyNAS web front end?

Many thanks

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    You could probably setup Apache to work as a reverse proxy.. Say you visit 'myrouter.example.com' and have Apache setup for virtual hosting with a virtual host called 'myrouter'. In the setup for that virtual 'site', configure Apache to work as a reverse proxy which means that all incoming requests for myrouter.example.com will be forwarded to another site of your choosing (your router's web admin page in this case) and results will be equally redirected back from the routers web page thru apache and back to the original requester on the internet. With this I believe you can transparently move between secured and unsecured connections as well. This sort of thing is very common with certain web-apps such as Ruby On Rails (RoR If I recall) and Seaside Apps (smalltalk) which have minimal web servers internally to them but should not be directly accessed by the Internet at large.

    Here's just one of numerous pages on Reverse Proxies w/ Apache:

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    Hi osx-addict

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    For the reverse proxy, I have entered a new website with a specific cname (also in my DNS) which I called ReadyNas.myserver.com

    I then select the tab for reverse proxy.

    Should I add the internal IP address for the ReadyNAS and do I need to do anything with ports?

    On my router I have also forwarded a port (8181) to the ReadyNAS and can access it externally, but only by using my external IP address.

    Finally, the ReadyNAS web front end uses SSL (i.e https), do you know if this will make any difference?

    Many thanks