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I am so frustrated; at hotel, ipad picks up wifi just fine; safari opens for me to enter password and login; I enter the correct one (I've done this dozens of times and had others try too) and the screen either freezes or never connects. I've reset factory settings; turned off autofill in safari;

I've never had this problem before with any wifi connection with my iPad.

The provider is the Cloud; I'm traveling in sweden.

iPad, macbookpro
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    Hi and welcome to the Apple Discussions.

    So, you have turned off autofill, so you know that little trick, and have reset the iPad, have you also gone to Settings > WiFi and manually entered the network information and told it to join that network?

    Are you sure the hotel is using up-to-date WiFi hardware? iPads seem to be sensitive to out-of-date routers based on some of the posts on here. Not much you can do about that in a hotel except carry your own Airport when traveling and use your own network.
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    It's the same problem with me. I'm in Kuwait and bought a $10 "Wataniya" wifi card, I connect to the signal great, and it opens a window to enter the login and password info, then I click "login", and nothing happens, the wifi circle up top just spins and spins and I always have to press cancel to get out of it, or exit the entire screen. I am totally unable to connect. I restarted, no difference. I finally gave up after 30 minutes. I whipped out the laptop and it connected in 10 seconds.