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I went to get a ZAGG invisibleSHIELD done on my iphone, after the installation, my iphone keeps rebooting to the apple logo without going into the menu screen, and the power button (top button) doesn't work.

However, everything works perfectly when it is plugged into a power source (both the wall plug and to a computer). It turns on fine, with as if nothing is wrong. I don't even need the itune to boot it.

Now if unplugged it works fine until the screen turns off automatically. If I were to turn on the phone within seconds then its fine, but if left "off" then the phone refuses to turn back on, until it is plugged into a power source again.
(sometimes it goes back to the apple logo, and does the whole boot up/turn off thing.)

I assumed that some liquid seeped into the phone since nothing was installed, or "changed", but what i don't understand was why the phone works perfectly if plugged in.

I left the phone to "dry" for 24hrs, and now the top power button works, and it was working perfectly fine all afternoon, till an hr ago where it refuses to turn back on again.

So is it some "bug" in the system or is it really that some moisture seeped into the phone?

HP, Windows Vista
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    Welcome to the discussions,
    did you check the moisture sensors inside the headphone port and the docking port?
    If they turned their color to pink, try to put it in a sealed back of rice to take out the moisture, this helped some people in these forums.
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    well the headphone moisture sensor is white. i can't locate the docking port one however i dont see anything pink or red.

    well the update on the phone is that after the 3rd day, the phone works perfectly fine now, however the power button is only 1/2 as sensitive as before. it needs to be pressed down hard to turn on, while sometimes the button remains non responsive.

    So im guessing that some liquid was dripped into the power button causing the phone to malfunction because it was receiving random power on/off signals.
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    Put it in a bag of rice for a couple of days to be sure that all moisture is taken out, if you haven't already.