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The Apple Communities team is in the process of planning multiple customer meet-ups to get to know you better. A big thanks to those of you who participated in our recent survey, helping us choose the ideal locations for these events.

Two of our events will be open for pre-registration starting today, with the remainder in a few days.

Please only register if you are able to attend, accurate RSVP information helps us plan correctly and convince management to let us keep doing these.

Eric W.

New York City, NY - November 13th, 4-6 PM
RSVP Here http://www.seeuthere.com/AppleCommunityMeetUpNYC2010

London, UK - December 6th, 4- 6 PM

Seattle, WA - TBD

MacWorld Jan 27th, Time 4-6 PM
RSVP Here http://www.seeuthere.com/AppleComunityMeetUpSF2011