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having major issues with my 10 day old iphone 4 the camera just freezes or the virtual shutter doesn't open and the phone then turns itself off. went to my service provider going to take up to three weeks to fix or they 'might' replace it after it gets sent away and someone decides its not repairable.. not happy

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    It is what is is, and you should survive.

    What troubleshooting steps did they have you try or have you tried?

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    I am facing a major issue with my Iphone 4, i am not able to make any outgoing calls, i can receive calls and send sms and even receive sms, but i can't make calls, its a factory unlocked phone from UK which was working perfectly fine but nw all of a sudden this strange thing is happening..
    Someone please help me out in this matter.
    The network im using is Airtel(Bangalore, India)
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    I just bought my Iphone 4 last night, got it home and the camera is also like that. I had to restore like 7 times. It works for front pics but if you turn on the video or try front facing pics it freezes to where shutter wont open up. I have updated itunes and phone is new and updated. dont know what to do! Also, found out that my texts are not going out and I am not recieving them either??????
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    The iPhone includes a one year warranty.

    If no change after restoring your iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from your iPhone's backup, your iPhone has a hardware problem.

    You can call AppleCare or make an appointment at an Apple store if there is one nearby.
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    Uh oh. Having the same problems. I'm situated in the Middle East. There are no AppleCare centers here. Does that mean I have to ship it to the nearest place where there is an AppleCare center? will they replace the phone 4 sure?
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    I got my Iphone 4 three days ago and was dissappointed to discover that the camera is defected such that when i open the camera it automatically restarts the phone.It's up to my service provider to fix or replace the unit.