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  • Charmiepoo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points) need to read the rest of this thread. Some of us haven't even updated iTunes.

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    Just giving out an option that helped me and might help others until the Ghost of Steve can haunt the person who can fix the real issue.

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    As per my earlier post, my Apple TV 3 will lose Home Sharing every 5 min.


    Opening the ports in the Win7 firewall setting (there are many such instructions now in this forum) helps my apple tv see Home Sharing for the first time but then only for 5 min each time.


    Disabling IPV6 in Win7 did not help. Setting fixed IP at the router for the equipment on home sharing (iphone, apple tv, PC) did not help. Any other thing I did all didn't help.


    Then since I have no more things to try, I switch broadband router from 2Wire to Aztech (good thing I have two types of router from my internet service provider). I read somewhere that says that the DHCP of 2Wire is non standard. Once I switch the router to Aztech, home sharing never drops again. And something else happened. For the first time in itunes program, at the lower right corner, I see an airplay icon that allow the computer to use the apple tv as a speaker output. That icon has never appeared before I fixed the problem.


    So for me I need to open ports 123, 3689 and 5353. Then change router. I am using latest version of Apple TV firmware and latest version of itunes.


    If you have nothing left to try, borrow a friend's router and put it in. See if it works.


    After months of torture (daily troubleshooting), getting it fixed really help to improve my overall well being. Praise the Lord.

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    I'm pleased this has worked for you. I personally have tried four routers: D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear and finally using my laptop as a WiFi access point. All exhibit the same issues.


    If the routers are to blame then we can draw one of two possible conclusions:

    1. A lot of routers must fail to follow the WiFi specifications properly, or

    2. Apple are using non-standard connectivity which is only supported on a small number of routers.


    If 1 is the truth, then the consumer router-product industry must need a massive shakeup!

    If 2 is the truth, then it would be nice if Apple would produce a knowledgebase article describing which routers they know the ATV units to be compatible with, then we can all make sure use appropriate hardware.


    Personally, I've not heard of Aztech or 2Wire routers, and UK suppliers don't appear to stock these manufacturers (here, it's Netgear, Belkin, TP-Link or nothing) - so I'm not sure I can get hold of an Aztech to try this idea out


    Glad it worked for you though! Keep us posted if things change.

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    Thanks Thoric for sharing my joy. I will do more testing and will definitely report back if the solution turn out to be non permanent.


    I had a Sonos once. When I have a problem they ask me to send a diagnostic file to them and they then make suggestions. I am not sure if apple tv has this feature. But I really pity us, the users of apple products. I think it is worse than using windows. I had plans to switch all to apple products and build an entire ecosystem. Not anymore and I am not saying this out of spite but it is a very logically choice. Apple support is just very bad. Much to my surprise a few months ago when I have a windows issue and contacted MS someone emailed me daily till the problem is solved. I find that better. I think I will get an ultra book. Who will now carry on that vision, that it will just work? I goggled 'iTunes match' thinking to use it but what I see are people facing all sorts of major issues and the problems the service gives them. Trouble. Something we should really avoid. It has been so many months. All these issues.

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    Hey TheRightSider (and to all in similar commiseration),


    I have been speaking with Apple Senior Advisors for the past few weeks and then did eventually send a diagnostic file for me to run and then return.  I've been led to understand that 'Engineering' will be looking at it and then I'd be hearing in the near future.


    Looking at all the forum contributions, I think I agree with Thoric in that, given the inability of everyone to identify a defintitive 'fail' condition with respect to routers, this must be an Apple software/firmware issue.  I believe I'm on my 'umpteenth' solution trial right now... not holding my breath mind you.


    I had such high hopes for a similar 'Apple ecosystem'...well, we all know....


    We all need to keep providing trials, results and insights.  Collaborative problem solving.

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    Dude, I was on the phone with Apple Support last friday, they also send me a diagnostics file, and send them the result, they also said that my case was sent to engineering and that they would call me on tuesday (yesterday).


    They did not call, not even an email.

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    As I reported earlier, I open the ports in the windows firewall (3689,5353, 123) and changed a router (from 2Wire to Aztech). Only upon changing the router did the problem of 5 min home sharing dropouts on apple tv stopped. I also mentioned that for the first time I see an airplay button on the bottom right of my itunes software that allows me to choose the apple tv as a speaker output.


    I also noticed something else of interest. My NAS is set to be an itunes server. But using the 2Wire router I can never see my nas in itunes. I can see it when I use ethernet connection directly to the router but once I unplug the ethernet cable and go wireless my nas will disappear from itunes.


    But ever since home sharing dropouts stopped, I realized itunes can see my NAS as well, for the first time. So I had two major problems (frequent home sharing dropouts on apple tv, itunes not be able to see my itunes server on my nas on wireless network) with a change of router.


    As I run the latest version of itunes and apple tv firmware, I do agree that the way apple software and hardware talks over a customer's wifi network at home needs to be tweaked for it to work better. Perhaps it gets very complicated in the backend or incur in-depth reprogramming, no one knows. But I do feel when Tim Cook comes out with a new hobby device, he should have solved the problems first - as it had been there since the earlier part of last year with the gen2 apple tv. They need to push devices and new services slower. Solve existing bugs first.

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    Hey jjosep,


    What I am about to tell you is the truth...not making this up.  I received your reply today and logged in to recommend patience as it is only Wednesday and they may be behind a day or two.  (insert eerie music) Just as I was starting my reply post to you....the phone is Apple....Engineering has some recommendations. (cue thunder)


    Basically they wanted me to assign static IPs to my ATV devices.  They feel that one of my devices may be attempting to receive it's IP address from another device.  Static IPs are assigned and will now wait 48 hours or so to see if they are stable.


    Who knows.



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    Well, assigning a static IP to my Mac worked – I've been fine for about a month now.


    But I didn't assign static IPs to all my devices so perhaps that's why my 'fix' didn't work for others?

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    Wow, that's really odd.


    Thank you for your response and advice, but just to be sure I'll wait until Apple support contacts me and hear what they have to say, maybe I need to make a different process, because of my different setup, etc.


    I still thank you for your advice, and will attempt to do that if I don't hear from Apple in a few days.


    I hope your Home Sharing issue is now solved!

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    Just to add that I use static IPs throughout all my devices, it hasn't helped me.

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    Hey jjosep, Thoric, et al...


    I hear you all.  I too remember reading about static IP trials in previous posts...and the subsequent fails after a period of time.  I'm optimistic, but it's tampered with realism.


    Perhaps not connected, but interesting, is that while I was assigning static IPs to my ATV devices (3 of them), I was also checking out my network using the Fing app on my iPhone.  It was giving me some crazy readings.  Multiple IPs, not picking up some active devices and the like.  I refreshed everything, even shut down all my devices and restarted.  Still some weirdness from the Fing results....cue thunder again.


    I will certainly get back to the forum with what comes from this trial.



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    This worked perfect for me

    Big thanks!!!!

    Win7 apple tv2



    Re: Apple TV 3 disconnects from home sharing

    Apr 6, 2012 11:35 AM (in response to Leduromax)

    on windows 7, go to control panel,

    then choose network and sharing center.

    on left side choose change network adapters


    if you use local network cable, there should be a icon called local network connection. right click on this one and choose properties.


    deselect IPV6. (IPV6 is the new TCPIP protocol replacing IPV4. but many routers in home network doesnt support it, and we are still all using IPV4, atleast until apple comes with a fix for this).


    good luck..


    mine ATV3 has been streaming just fine all day, except that itunes crashed mid day, but that is a different issue most probably anyway.

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    Believe me, I have tried everything and nothing worked. I'm using an Airport extreme as router and another one to extend the net range. I have forced the ATV to use the 5 Ghz net, I assigned fix ip,s, changed the ip,s range, reinstalled iTunes, restored the ATV, and eventually I even bought a new ATV 1080p, in case it were a hardware flaw. And I'm mentioning just the likely solutions, because I also tried weirder things... And nothing worked. In my eyes, the problem is either in iTunes or in iOS. Anyway, is an error that Apple could fix with a software update. I'm sick and tired of reading threads and testing futile solutions. I just hope an Apple response as soon as possible. I can't stand anymore my dautghter's screams every time it drops out...

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