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Ok, I understand that iPads and iPhones can be used to control a running instance of iTunes. They can also be used to control the new Apple TV (version 2). However, am I right in thinking that Apple TV cannot be used to control a running version of iTunes?

This may seem like a strange request but let me explain my setup:

I have iTunes running on my MacBook Pro, which sits upstairs at my desk. I have my Apple TV connected to my downstairs TV in the living room. I also have an airport express connected to a set of speakers in my kitchen.

My goal is to have the same music playing in the kitchen and living room. To do this I select 'Apple Tv' and 'Kitchen Speakers' from the airplay options within iTunes....it works fine, the same music plays in both rooms.

Now here is my issue. Apple TV displays the album art of the song playing in both rooms, and using the ATV2 remote I am able to skip tracks. But I'm only able to skip one song forward and backward. I am unable to browse the iTunes library and change the track playing in both rooms.

Strangely enough, whilst the song is playing in both rooms, if I navigate the library on the Apple TV and select a different song, it plays the new song in the living room but doesnt change the one in the Kitchen....it's really frustrating.

Essentailly I'd like to be able to use the Apple TV as a 'remote' to control the iTunes instance. Is this possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



MacBook Pro 13", Mac OS X (10.6.4), 500GB HDD, 2GB RAM
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    Do you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

    If so then using the Remote App is probably the closest you will be able to get to what you want.
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    Rincewind84 wrote:

    Essentailly I'd like to be able to use the Apple TV as a 'remote' to control the iTunes instance. Is this possible?

    You can't use the tv to control the iTunes library but you can use the remote2 app.

    In the remote2 app the very first screen selects the device you will control. There are icons of ATV for that device and there are blue circle iTunes icons for each shared music library. Choose the blue circle icon and that will control the iTunes library. This will play in both rooms. If you control the tv device, it will only control that device and iTunes will continue to play to your AE.
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    I have both an iPad and iPhone and your right, the Remote App does the job perfectly.

    But sadly that wasn't what I was looking for. I'd like to control iTunes using the Apple TV Remote, because the iPad/iPhone are not always around.

    Ideally, a 'Remote App' that runs on the Apple TV is what I'm looking for. Perhaps it will appear on the illusive Apple TV App Store.....?!?